PLDT Roku Powered TVolution Video Review: Watch Netflix, iFlix, Cignal from a Single Tiny Set Top Box!

For the longest time, Roku has been the gold standard for streaming media boxes. Unfortunately, the US-based company hasn’t officially made its products available in the Philippines or even the rest of Asia. Alas, those who wanted a Roku box in the Philippines had to find gray market units and modify their geo-locked boxes.

Thankfully, that’s changed. The newest iteration of the PLDT TVolution will now be powered by Roku so for just Php199 a month, subscribers will be able to get a Roku-powered PLDT TVolution that has been designed specifically for the Philippine market. For a minimal subscription, you can enjoy Netflix, iFlix, Cignal and YouTube and a hundred or so streaming channels from a single media center that plugs seamlessly into your HDMI-enabled TV. Not only that, but you get a year’s free subscription to iFlix, as well as 30 day trials for Netflix and Cignal.

Watch my Full Video Review of the new PLDT TVolution Powered by Roku!

Of course, as soon as it was announced I was eager to get one for myself. Luckily, the folks at PLDT lent me one of the new Roku-powered PLDT TVolution set top boxes for me to review. Feel free to check it out and decide if it’s for you!

4 thoughts on “PLDT Roku Powered TVolution Video Review: Watch Netflix, iFlix, Cignal from a Single Tiny Set Top Box!

  1. I got mine very late. Not delivered on time. It took them 2 weeks to deliver and after I got it, in less than 24 hours it showed poor services. The channels just kept loading eventhough my internet connection is stable and it shows a lot of error. Instead of having it replaced, they are asking me to visit the nearest pldt shop to check ot there. Not worth it.

  2. I also got mine but most of the time it is loading and there are times the screen is pixelated. Worse is its always rewinding making automatic replays.

  3. Is there a remedy for the cignal channel issues?

    Iflix, netflix and youtube are okay but the issue with the cignal is getting worse as days passed by. I can’t even watch a complete movie as it rewinds then another loading the movie has already ended 😭😭😭

  4. Thanks for the review. Really helpful. Im thinking of getting one but I have a 5 year old. Do you know if Youtube channels have a child lock or child control?

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