Buy Smartphones and Other Gadgets in Bulk Through VolumeBest!


Some of you may already be familiar with international online stores like GearBest. In fact, many local retailers use sites like these to bring the newest smartphones to local shores faster than our locally-based brands can. However, if you’re looking to get an even better deal on bulk orders, you may want to check out VolumeBest. VolumeBest is a GearBest site that’s focused on satisfying bulk orders while giving you the discount you want.

It’s a relatively new site and they’re having an ongoing promotion where you can win from a number of gift packs by registering an account on the site. Make sure to enter all the mandatory business information to automatically be entered into the contest. Keep in mind the information needs to be accurate as the winners will be contacted directly through it. The winner’s list will be published on the VolumeBest Facebook page on September 25 and the winners themselves will be contacted at the same time. Interested in joining? Just head on over to their site here.


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