Get the Nexus 7 in the Philippines Through the Gray Market

Nexus 7

While the Nexus 7 has yet to officially launch in the Philippines, a number of gray market sellers have already done the work of importing them themselves and offering it here. That’s right. No need to wait for the official launch and release locally, and you won’t even have to pay through the teeth for one, unlike earlier attempts to import the in-demand tablet. While I don’t track every online gray market seller out there, there are two I regularly keep tabs on that are offering the Nexus 7 right now.

Widget City Hub and DB Gadgets are offering both the 8Gb and 16Gb versions of the Nexus 7, with the 8Gb version retailing for as low as Php12,750 at Widget City (DB Gadgets: Php12,800) while the 16Gb version can sell for as low as Php15,750 (DB Gadgets: Php15,800). Take note that these are gray market units, so don’t expect the typical manufacturer’s warranty that covers both parts and services. Instead, what you can expect to get is a service warranty that’ll only cover labor. That means you’ll have to shell out for parts if anything needs replacing.

If you want to wait for the official launch of the Nexus 7 in the Philippines, you shouldn’t have to wait that long as it’s expected to arrive later this August. However, don’t expect the 8Gb model to come here officially as ASUS only views the 16Gb model to be the profitable one here. So if you don’t want to wait, fresh units are available for pick up or delivery. Just click the source links below to head to their Facebook pages.

Source: Widget City Hub and DB Gadgets

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