Apple has been doing a lot of refreshing to its lineups today. One of them has been with the iPhone SE and iPad Mini 4, specifically with the amount of storage you get at their different configurations and price points. For the iPhone SE, the 16GB and 64GB models have been scrapped in favor of 32GB and 128GB models. The iPad Mini 4 on the other hand scraps both the 32GB and 64GB variants and is now only available as a 128GB model.

That’s not the only good news either. Not only is Apple doubling the available storage, but they’re also basically keeping the pricing as is. $399 used to get you only 16GB of storage on the iPhone SE. Now, you get 32GB. Similarly, the 128GB model goes for just $499, which used to only get you 64GB. The best upgrade though goes to the iPad 4 as you can get the 128GB model for the same price as what the 32GB model used to go for: $399 for the WiFi-only model and $529 if you want WiFi+LTE.

Pricing and availability should take effect on March 24, although that’s just for the US market. No news yet on when we should start seeing this reflect locally.

[Via: Engadget]

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    iPhone SE is really nice. My nephew bought this phone and it’s like iPhone 5.. And its very affordable.

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