MyPhone A919i Duo OEM Micromax A116 HD Profile

MyPhone A919i Duo Specs Get Outed!

Rumored OEM: The Micromax A116HD

Update (5/5/2013): The verdict is out! Check out my full review of the MyPhone A919i Duo here!

Update (4/28/2013): The release date has been announced. Check it out here!

The last time MyPhone introduced a phone to the market was the A888 Duo in December of last year, so it’s not hard to get all excited about something new from the popular local phone brand. After all, it’s been a long while since their last release and the competition has been quite busy introducing a steady stream of offerings between now and then, and it’s about time MyPhone came out with something compelling. Well, the wait is over and I must say, the MyPhone A919i Duo is quite compelling indeed.

The Display

Spec-wise, the MyPhone A919i Duo is a significant upgrade over its immensely popular predecessor. Yes, it still sports a 5 inch screen, but now it’s an IPS display and the resolution has been bumped up to 720 x 1280 (HD), resulting in a wicked sharp pixel density of 294ppi. To put things in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a pixel density of 305ppi, which isn’t far off. You’re effectively getting flagship-class display clarity on what is expected to be a budget phone.

The Chipset

It isn’t just the display that got upgraded on the MyPhone A919i Duo. It’s now powered by a quad core MediaTek MT6589 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, coupled with the PowerVR SGX544 GPU. While the A919i won’t be the first locally-branded quad core device to market, as of right now, it will be the best. Performance-wise, the MT6589 CPU is slightly better than the Qualcomm MSM8225Q that’s on the competition, while the SGX544 GPU is significantly better than the Adreno 203 and is actually the same one you’d find on the Exynos 5 variant of the Galaxy S4. If anything else, this is definitely going to be a gamer’s phone.

MyPhone A919i Duo CPU Mediatek 6589

RAM and Storage

While MyPhone hasn’t let on about the RAM and onboard storage, it’s expected to be a 1Gb RAM and 4Gb ROM configuration. Our locally branded smartphones have been coming out with 512Mb RAM for the longest time, but now that trend seems to be fading, and since the MyPhone A919i Duo is supposed to be a higher end phone, I would certainly expect it to sport at least a gig of RAM. I doubt it’ll come with any more than 4Gb storage though, as this is still a budget phone and a micro SD slot should take care of any extended storage needs.

Other Features

The MyPhone A919i will also have a couple of decent cameras: an 8mp rear-facing shooter and a 2mp shooter for the front. Sure, the competition might have cameras with higher megapixel counts, but we’ll have to wait and see how well the A919i Duo’s cameras perform in terms of actual image quality. Also, it’s will be powered by a larger battery than usual so the body might be a tad bulky, though the actual capacity hasn’t yet been disclosed. That aside, the phone should perform admirably well since it will be running Jelly Bean 4.1 and taking advantage of those Project Butter optimizations.

MyPhone A919i Duo OEM Micromax A116 HD Black and White
MyPhone A919i Duo vs Cherry Mobile Omega HD

First Impressions

Personally, it’s about time MyPhone released something into the local market, and as long as they’ve been away, it’s nice to see that the MyPhone A919i Duo has some really solid specs. If it were released today, it would already have the best CPU/GPU configuration among its competitors. The biggest determining factor of its success is its pricing, which is a bit of a tough one since NoypiGeeks reports that it will cost somewhere in the Php9k+ range. Filipinos are notoriously price-sensitive and at that price, they would probably already be considering options from more established international brands like Samsung, Alcatel or LG.

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to spend more than Php9k on a budget brand? Hit us in the comments below 🙂

MyPhone A919i Duo Specs

  • 5 inch HD  IPS display (720 x 1280, 294ppi)
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • 1.2GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 CPU
  • PowerVR SGX 544 GPU
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 4Gb ROM
  • 8mp primary camera, 2mp front-facing camera
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G
  • Price: Php9,590+
  • Availability: April 30

Tipster: Ginei De Costo Morioka, admin of the MyPhone A919 Duo User Group on Facebook

Via: NoypiGeeks





25 responses to “MyPhone A919i Duo Specs Get Outed!”

  1. limepie99 Avatar

    i hope it has atleast 3000mah battery

    1. Chad Bee Avatar
      Chad Bee

      hope so, but mp might be considering form factor too.

  2. Guest Avatar

    hope it has 3000mah battery

  3. Kindlech Avatar

    San po galing itong facts?

    1. Jm Balicano Avatar

      NoypiGeeks has a contact with MyPhone marketing people. Check out the source link at the bottom of the post. Not all specs have been confirmed, pero confirmed na po ang screen size, chipset and cameras. Hindi pa confirmed ang OEM, RAM and storage.

      1. Ginei De Costo Morioka Avatar

        this is true.. noypigeeks was the first to post something like this and if you notice they mention that they talked to GM which is me..

        1. Jm Balicano Avatar

          Hi sir Ginei. The leaked specs were confirmed by a MyPhone marketing rep that Adam of NoypiGeeks got in touch with, pero alam ko din po na sa inyo unang nalaman ni Adam about the leak. Matanong lang po kung kayo yung mismong nagleak or if meron din ibang nagshare sayo, para lang naman po ma-credit ko din ng maayos. Thanks sir 🙂

          1. Ginei De Costo Morioka Avatar

            ah ayun ba? yang mga info na binigay ku jan ay base sa mga samot saring rumors lang.. then pinagsamasama kulang at nabuo ang idea ku na a116 hd nga per0 u may give credits to my group a919 group in FB

          2. sungma Avatar

            so suma tutal gawa2 lang to? haha…

          3. Jm Balicano Avatar

            confirmed na po ang specs by MyPhone marketing

  4. Doy Ski Avatar

    wow, excited to see this come out..i think myphone has better customer service and a better after sales service..

  5. Jhokris Martinelli Avatar

    my a919 duo stil works more than what i expected for 8k.. idk f kaya q xa ipagpalit sa a919i

  6. John Jaime F Sy Avatar

    ayos to ah tinalo pa ata s3 at iphone much kya to kpaga narelease

    1. hi Avatar

      hindi po nya matatalo ang s3 at iphone 5..

      1. Kim Euly Sugue Remoticado Avatar

        AGREE it won’t beat them but at least it’s close enough to compare them in terms of overall performance specially gaming though we haven’t seen yet any reviews or actual performance with this, I’m just basing with CPU / GPU / 1gb ram 🙂

  7. Guest Avatar

    Definitely willing to pay more that 9k! Wag lng sana lumagpas ng 11k :p

  8. Khent Reyes Avatar

    Upgrade nrin from A919 hihihi

  9. Michael Binarao Avatar

    andito na lahat ng hinahanap ko sa isang phone. kelan po irerelease ito? nad how much?

    1. Jm Balicano Avatar

      Some time in April-May sir. Nothing specific confirmed yet. Pricing is expected to be in the Php9k+ range.

    2. Kim Euly Sugue Remoticado Avatar

      AGREE 110%, ever since I’m really aiming with s3 talaga kasi sa phone na yun talagang makokontento na ako in terms of overall performance specially GAMING + CAMERA + size. But with this a919i duo, it will surely be near with s3 in terms of overall performance as CPU and GPU coupled PERFECTLY :D. Price indeed reasonable (9,590) compare to OHD’s 8k? that was piece of sh*t :).

      1. Louie Johnson Bastasa Avatar

        walang problema sa gaming at camera.. sa sound niya sorang hina talaga… nadisappoint ako after ko mabili….

  10. Jay Tolentino Avatar
    Jay Tolentino

    Pwede na to pantapat sa flame 2.0 ng CM pero med yo mas mahal konti to

  11. ace Avatar

    sa wakas maka s3 like fon na rin ako..hahaha

  12. Eric Claro Avatar

    Ok na ok na sana, gps na lang ang kulang……

    1. Jm Balicano Avatar

      I think meron sir, hindi ko lang nasama sa specs. Check ko nalang mamaya pag nkabili na ako.

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