In case you missed it, Just Roll It! is one of the newest casual online board games to hit the Philippines with familiar gameplay that’s so much easier to get into than a lot of other competitive online games out there. In fact, you might find yourself getting into a game with your kid cousin or even your parents! If you’re familiar with Monopoly, you should already have a basic understanding of how the game is played. Of course, there’s more to Just Roll It! than that. Much more. You can boost your in-game abilities and luck with the help of fortune cards and other items, and even call on different dice to gain more control over your next move! As easy as it is to get into Just Roll It!, it can also be just as hard to fully master the game and take advantage of what’s available to you. So to help you guys out with that, here are some tips and tricks to get you started. Credits to GM Liann of the Just Roll It! Community who created the guide these Tips and Tricks are based on.

Odd/Even Dice

Odd Even

Need to avoid tricky spaces on the board such as an opponent’s property? There are special items that will let you use the the Odd/Even dice. These dice can give you more control over the strategic movement over your character on the game board. You can also use this same strategy if you’re trying to land on certain properties. Use wisely though as you can only use them up to 3 times per game!

Don’t Buy Too Many Properties

Buying Too Much Property

When I used to play Monopoly, my main goal was to control as many properties as I could. While that may still be an effective strategy in Just Roll It!, it gets a little trickier since there’s a possibility of bankrupting yourself late in the game. Be mindful of how many properties you have, how high they’ve been upgraded, and how much money you have left.

Get the Odds in Your Favor with Every Roll


One of the really neat features of Just Roll It! is being able to use special dice from the store that will give you an advantage over your opponents. Each of these special dice will have an effect on certain stats.

  • Exit Isle: This affects your ability to roll doubles to escape the deserted island.
    The higher the stat the more likely you will roll doubles and escapes
  • Vegas Luck: This affects your outcome in Las Vegas (Heads or Tails). The higher
    the stat, the more likely you will win in Vegas
  • Lower Tax: This affects the tax rate you will pay after landing on the tax space.
    The higher the stat, the less tax you will have to pay
  • Lower Costs: This affects the fees for escaping deserted island, landing on Travel
    the World or hosting the Marble World Cup. The higher the stat, the lower the fees
    are for these special action spaces
  • Fortune Luck: This affects the chance of receiving a gold fortune card (rare) rather
    than a silver fortune card (common) in game. The higher the stat, the higher chance
    of receiving a golden fortune card
  • Low Sales Tax: This stat affects the tax rate on property sold. The higher the stat,
    the higher your discount will be when selling a property
  • Cheap Build: This affects the cost of buildings. The higher the stat, the higher
    discount you will have on construction costs
  • Dice Ctrl: this affects the dice gauge. The dice gauge allows you to control the
    outcome of your roll, to an extent. The higher the meter is when you release the
    dice roll, the higher the number will be. Vice versa, the lower the meter us when
    your release your dice roll, the lower the number will be. The higher the stat,
    the higher probability you can control your roll


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