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Just Roll It! is an Online Board Game That Gives You a Chance to Win Php1 Million!

Just Roll It

Not all online games can be considered accessible to just about anyone, so it’s nice to see Just Roll It! hit the Philippines. What exactly is Just Roll It!? It’s an online board game that’s so accessible, the most casual player should have no problems getting into the game. Of course, this isn’t your ordinary board game either, as for those who pick it up early, you stand a chance to win real cash from a monthly prize pool! Check out the video below to find out more!

The game is played in groups of 4 players, either between groups of 2 or as an individual free-for-all. Each one of you plays as one of the game’s many colorful characters, traveling the world, buying properties, and ultimately building up a real estate empire, much like Monopoly except on a more global scale. The bigger a monopoly you have on the real estate market, the more rent you can collect from other players who land on your properties.


Now, just because Just Roll It! looks like Monopoly at first glance doesn’t mean it’s going to play anywhere near the same way. Each character has its own special abilities, allowing you to turn the tide by doing things like manipulating the dice roll or giving yourself extra luck. You can improve on these abilities even further by leveling up your character, equipping lucky charms, and using special dice.


As if that wasn’t cool enough, players can win at least Php1,000 daily from a monthly prize pool of Php62,000. You can also qualify for weekly and monthly raffles over a 3 month period where you can win from a total prize pool of Php1 million! This is for a limited time only though, so you’ll want to download the game pretty quickly and start playing!

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To play the game, you start out by choosing who goes first. This is determined by picking a fortunecard before the game starts. Once the order has been determined, you can begin rolling the dice by clicking on the “Roll” button when it’s your turn. Your character moves according to the number you’ve rolled, and if you roll a double, you get another turn.

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As you progress into the game, you’ll be able to start buying real estate on the spaces you land and charge players rent when they land on a space you own. You can increase the rent you charge on that space by building a villa, then upgrading it into a building, hotel, and landmark. An interesting mechanic is if you land on another player’s property, you can take it over by paying double the price!

7 Winning

Once you win a game, you’ll be rewarded based on the type of win, and which channel you are playing in. Each channel has its own multiplier and will determine how much in-game money you win.

If you’re interested in joining up and hopefully getting some of that prize money, head on over to JustRollIt.Ph to create a new account and download the game client. You’ll need a PC running at least the minimum specifications.

Just Roll It! Minimum PC Requirements:

  • Windows XP / Vista
  • Pentium 3
  • 256MB RAM
  • GPU with at least 32MB RAM
  • Supports Direct X 7.0

Of course, for the best experience, you’ll want to be running their recommended specifications.

Just Roll It! Recommended PC Specifications:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • 2.6GHz dual core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • GPU with at least 256MB RAM
  • Supports Diret X 7.0


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