Zombie Roadkill 3D: Either Shoot the Undead or Run Them Over!

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Looking for a great horror game that will keep you from dozing off? Zombie Roadkill 3D is a satisfying shooter! If your type of game is blasting away creepy zombies with powerful weapons such us grenades and machine guns, and running them over with a monster-sized truck, this game is definitely for you.


You can play the game on either Story Mode or Endless Mode. Story mode has 7 levels with 10 missions each. You start off with the basic level of equipment and vehicle which you can later upgrade using cash (in-game credits) collected from finishing each mission. Who wouldn’t want to upgrade their machines when faced with spine-chilling zombies?



What makes this game exciting as compared to other boring shooting games is that the missions will alternate between shooting zombies and driving your vehicle to crush them. I personally prefer driving because I like the feeling of seeing them die helplessly against my heavy wheels! 😉

Blast them off with your grenade launcher!
Blast them off with your grenade launcher!


It’s payback time! Crush those creepy zombies!

On some missions you will need to face off with a giant zombie, which you should prepare for by upgrading your arsenal!


Once you finish level 1 on Story mode, you will then be able to play Endless mode! Equipped with your upgraded guns, you will now face more zombies from a 360-degree viewpoint!


Don’t worry if you can’t collect game credits as much as this game comes with a roulette wheel bonus mini game. Just spin the wheel and you can claim in-game credits or cool gear to use against those pesky undead beings.


Though the graphics are not on par with the expensive consoles available nowadays, this game will still certainly warp you out of reality and immerse you into a great android gaming experience. Oh, did I already mention that this game is for free?

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