Acer Iconia W3 Quietly Revealed on Official Finnish Website

Acer Iconia W3 profile

We’ve been hearing about an 8 inch Windows 8 tablet that Acer has been working on for quite some time now. The existence of the Iconia W3 had been leaked out quite a few times before it was finally revealed in an official capacity by Acer’s Finnish website. Although it doesn’t mention anything by the way of pricing or availability of the Acer Iconia W3, it does confirm some key hardware and software specs.

The Windows 8 Pro tablet will feature an 8.1 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1,280 x 768 (184ppi). The hardware will be powered by an Intel Atom Z2760 CPU, coupled with 2Gb of RAM and up to 64Gb in internal storage. Since this is a Windows device, you’ll be getting a selection of ports, which include micro HDMI and micro USB. Wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi b/g/n. If that isn’t enough, there’s also a micro SD slot so you can expand your storage even further.

Acer Iconia W3 front

One unique feature of the Acer Iconia W3 that I like is that it has a keyboard dock for improved productivity on the go. There’s no information if it actually connects to the Iconia W3 or if it’s just a Bluetooth accessory with a built in stand. All I know is that it looks a bit weird and that I like it.

Acer Iconia W3 rear with keyboard

Windows 8-based tablets haven’t exactly been flying off the shelves since they first came out. The obvious barrier is how expensive they are compared to their Android counterparts. However, the Iconia W3 is especially notable since it is one of the first Windows 8 tablets with a sub-10 inch screen. Smaller tablets will almost automatically mean cheaper pricing and that’s what Windows 8 needs if it means to see its tablets start selling well.

I’m sure a cheaper Windows 8-based tablet like the Acer Iconia W3 would appeal to someone like me who sometimes has to attend events and wants to get some work done on the go. What about you guys? Could the Iconia W3 be your next mobile productivity solution?

Source and Image Credits: Acer Finland

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