Monday, July 13, 2020

Bayad Center Online Lets You Pay Over 170 Types of Bills Right From Your PC or Smartphone!

Adulting is hard and bills only make it more so. Bayad Center, a Meralco-owned payment processor has made things easier over the years and has allowed us to pay many different bills while only having to fall in line once. Still, that time can be used elsewhere and if you’re like me who’d rather do it online if I could, the new Bayad Center Online should make the hassle of paying bills a thing of the past.

Types of Bills Accepted

Wendell P Labre of the Bayad Center Online goes in depth with details of the online payment service

Bayad Center Online allows you to pay over 170 types of bills from the comfort of your PC or even your smartphone! These bills can range from tuition fees, utilities, and everything in between. BC Online is essentially a one-stop online payment processing service that replicates what Bayad Center has been doing through thousands of physical branch locations all over the country.

Modes of Payment

Right now, Bayad Center Online accepts all major credit cards and should soon start accepting debit cards as well. Electronic wallet services such as Smart Money and GCash. The processing of payments can be accomplished well within 24 hours, if not in real time thanks to Bayad Center’s direct partnership with billers.

How Does This Benefit You?

Manny L Tuason, CEO and President of Bayad Center discusses the conceptualization of BC Online years back

Whether you live locally or abroad, Bayad Center Online lets you pay your bills nearly effortlessly. If you’re an OFW living abroad, you don’t have to send money back home specifically for bills and risk a family member carelessly spending it on something other than you intended it for. You can simply settle the bills yourself at international.bayadcenteronline.comOf course, the service is also available for us locals at That way, we can still save time from going out and commuting to the nearest physical payment center.


If there’s anything to gripe about, it’s the minimal fees involved with transactions made through BC Online. For domestic payments, there’s a minimal Php1 system fee while international payments are charged Php20. There’s also a 3.6% merchant discount rate added to the total amount to be paid, which is common with payments made through your credit card.


With no minimal bandwidth requirement and 24/7 uptime, the convenience can’t be denied. Even with our slow connection speeds here in the Philippines, the website was designed to consider this handicap so we can pay our bills at any time from our PCs, laptops, or smartphones even with the slowest available connections.


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