Owto: A New TNC Player is Coming to Town

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for TNCs (Transportation Network Companies)in the country. Despite the demand for the convenience and safety of such services, the LTO has been quick to shut down all who don’t play nice. The most recent victim was the popular motorbike hailing service, Angkas, which has ceased operation, seemingly permanently. Even Uber and Grab have had some very expensive public troubles in recent past and in no way should we consider their status in the country to be stable. Because of this, there’s still a gap to fill in terms of commuter demand.

Enter Owto, a new TNC that’s looking to enter the market sometime before or after the incoming New Year. While not much is known yet about what kind of transportation service they’ll help facilitate, they promiseĀ Fairer Fares. Safer Rides, delivered by Filipinos for Filipinos. Quite the catchy name and motto, which will hopefully shake up the local TNC scene and make commuting in Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines much more bearable.

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