PayMaya MVP Rewards Makes Paying Bills More Than Worth Your While

PayMaya has had its growing pains as a service, but despite that, I’ve stuck with it because after trying a number of different reloadable payment services, they were still the single most convenient option by far. Fast forward a few years since their inception and not only have they ironed out the biggest kink that I’ve found annoying about PayMaya, but they’ve also made it worthwhile to pay your bills through them with MVP Rewards.

So what does PayMaya MVP Rewards do? It’s a new rewards program being offered by PLDT Home, Smart, Sun, and TnT to their loyal customers. As an MVP (Most Valuable Partner), you get to earn cash rebates from your accounts, all consolidated into a single wallet. Not only that, but you also get to enjoy exclusive deals and privileges from partner establishments just by presenting your PayMaya MVP Rewards card! Paying bills has never been this rewarding!

The beauty of MVP Rewards is that you only have to pay your PLDT Home, Smart, and Sun, postpaid bills on time and in full to earn rebates. Prepaid users aren’t left out either, as you can load up your Smart, Sun, and TnT accounts, earning points when you do so. Rebates can be credited as soon as 1 day after the due date on your billing statement or 24 hours after you’ve loaded up.

So to start earning your rewards and taking advantage of an already great reloadable payment service, head on over to and make it yours!

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