The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Coming Back

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a gorgeous device and most likely have been the flagship to beat had it not had a few problems with exploding. Most of you know that the South Korean electronics giant eventually recalled the ill-fated phablet, promising to properly dispose of all units rather than refurbish or repair them. For better or for worse, it seems that Samsung is going back on what it had initially pledged, intending to refurbish devices where the company decides is applicable. Obviously, it will come with a smaller battery, replacing the old ones that were giving it problems.

As big a loss as the Galaxy Note 7 eventually became. It comes as no surprise that Samsung would want to at least recoup its expenses by refurbishing a good chunk of the 4.3 million recalled Note 7 phablets. Also, any units not getting refurbished will follow a process to save salvageable components and extract metal parts with the help of eco-friendly 3rd party companies.

[Via: The Verge]

One thought on “The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Coming Back

  1. Before relauching Note7, Samsung needs convince airlines to remove its Note7 ban. Without removing the Note7 ban, this phone sales would likely suffer.

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