Smart Leads the Country in LTE Speeds by a Large Margin

Our internet speeds in the Philippines are hardly the best of the world, but when it comes to black and white numbers, only one can claim to be the best. And according to mobile analytics firm OpenSignal, Smart has the fastest 4G/LTE download speeds, overall download speeds, best 4G latency performance, and best 3G latency performance in a report that covers the period from November 2017 to January 2018. The report noted Smart’s LTE download speeds at 12.5MBps while its rival posted a meager 7.69MBps.

“With tested speeds of 12.5 Mbps, Smart won the OpenSignal award for 4G download speeds, making it the third time it has done so. The operator is pulling away from its sole competitor in this category,” OpenSignal noted in its report.

Based on the report, Smart’s LTE speeds were superior across all tested areas, posting 13.04 Mbps vs competition’s 8.57 Mbps in the NCR, 11.59 Mbps vs 6.34 Mbps in North Central Luzon, 11.66 Mbps vs 7.03 Mbps in South Luzon, 13.49 Mbps vs 7.37 Mbps in the Visayas, and 14.42 Mbps vs 7.38 Mbps in Mindanao.

To put things in perspective, iFlix recommends download speeds of at least 2 mbps to enjoy buffer-free viewing of its Standard definition video library while Netflix requires at least 5 Mbps speeds for its HD content. Both of these are well within the speeds achieved on Smart’s network.

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