Thursday 28th May 2015,
Starmobile Knight Luxe

Starmobile Knight Luxe is an AMOLED-Equipped Octa-core Smartphone for Less Than Php8k!

I’ve always been a big fan of AMOLED screens, so it’s nice to see Starmobile come out with an affordable AMOLED-equipped smartphone in the form of the newly announced Knight Luxe. Of course, affordable doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a compromise in performance as the Starmobile Knight Luxe has the heart of a 1.4GHz octa-core [...]

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MyPhone Infinity 2

MyPhone Infinity 2 Review: The Most Gorgeous Local Flagship Yet!

When the MyPhone Rio 2 and Rio 2 Lite officially launched a few months back, many of us expected that the Infinity 2 would launch alongside them. That didn’t pan out though, but now that it’s here, it’s not a hard phone to love. Still, that sticker price is a little tough to stomach though. [...]

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Smart Launches New Video Data Promos for YouTube, Skype, Dubsmash, and More!

Data bundles aren’t anything new, but the newest promos from Smart should have you all in smiles, especially if you’re a heavy user of YouTube, Dubsmash, and other popular online video services. For as little as Php5, you can get access to these video streaming sites without having to be tethered to a WiFi hotspot! [...]

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Cherry Mobile Flare XL

Cherry Mobile Flare XL: An Inexpensive Octa-core Phablet for the Masses

Aside from the Flare S3 Power, Cherry Mobile also just announced another exciting addition to the Flare series: the Flare XL. The Cherry Mobile Flare XL is priced at just Php4,999 but manages to pack a 5.5 inch HD screen, 1.4GHz octa-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. Essentially, it’s almost the same smartphone [...]

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Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power

Budget-Minded Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power Officially Announced with 4,000mAh Battery

Battery life has typically been a weakness among today’s smartphones so it’s nice when a brand decides to come out with a high capacity model. Today’s newest phone to join the 4,000mAh-and-up club is the Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power, which features a 5 inch HD screen, 1.4GHz octa-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB of [...]

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Fluxmob Bolt

Fluxmob Bolt Review: When Is a Charger Not a Charger? When It’s a Power Bank!

Power banks are convenient, but they do have their flaws. They’re often too bulky to comfortably bring everyday or too small to hold a decent charge for more than one device. Often, they can only be charged via USB, meaning you also have to bring a separate USB cable and wall charger. So instead of [...]

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ASUS Zenpad

ASUS ZenPad Tablets Unofficially Revealed, 7 and 8 Inch Variants to be Announced

ZenFone this, ZenFone that. After the Zenfone series success, it seems to make sense that ASUS would want to take its popularity and hope it translates well to tablets with the new ZenPad moniker. This isn’t exactly official though, but with this new leak of the upcoming ASUS ZenPads, this is looking like it might [...]

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Cloudfone Thrill 601FHD

Cloudfone Thrill 601FHD: A Powerful Octa-core Budget Phablet at Just Php10k!

If there’s an expression I would use to describe the Cloudfone Thrill 601FHD, it would easily be “bang-for-buck”, because that’s exactly what this newly revealed phablet is. Not only does it sport surprisingly specs you’d expect on a higher end smartphone, but its price tag is also awesomely affordable! The Cloudfone Thrill 601FHD is a [...]

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LG Magna Curve

LG Magna Now Available, Sporting a 5 Inch HD Screen and MediaTek SoC

While it’s flagships like the LG G4 that grab people’s attention, the LG Magna is looking to make a name for itself, at least in the low-to-mid-tier performance bracket. It packs a 5 inch HD IPS display, 1.3GHz quad core MT6582 processor from MediaTek, 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage. Not only that, but its [...]

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O+ 360 HD Featured

O+ 360 HD Debuts with Php6,395 Price Tag!

The O+ 360 lineup has been doing quite well for itself in recent months, thanks largely to its innovative 360 Touch Technology and surprisingly affordable price tag. Now, it’s time to welcome the O+ 360 HD, a new smartphone in the popular O+ 360 range. This one sports a 5 inch HD IPS screen, quad [...]

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