Wednesday 01st July 2015,
Xiaomi Mi4i

Xiaomi Mi4i Now Available Internationally for $238

Xiaomi is one of the fastest rising international smartphone makers, generating a lot of hype for their products in Asia and the rest of the world. One of their latest smartphones, the budget-friendly Xiaomi Mi4i flagship was initially only available in India, and if you wanted it outside their territory, it would cost you roughly [...]

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Cloudfone CloudPad One 8.0

Cloudfone CloudPad One 8.0 Keeps Android Up to Date for 2 Years

In addition to the recently announced CloudPad One 6.95, Cloudfone has also launched the CloudPad One 8.0, another Android tablet that will be kept up to date for the next 2 years. The main difference with the Cloudfone CloudPad One 8.0 is that it will be sporting an 8 inch WXGA IPS screen. This would [...]

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Cloudfone CloudPad One 6.95

Cloudfone CloudPad One 6.95 Comes with Android 5.1 Out of the Box and Promises 2 Years of Updates

The specs wars is never-ending among local brands, however, updates are an important consideration as well. They help to improve the functionality of your smartphone or tablet so you don’t necessarily have to buy a new device just to get those features. The recently announced Cloudfone CloudPad One 6.95 does exactly that, delivering a low [...]

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Meizu M2 Note

Get the Meizu M2 Note on Pre-sale with This Discount Coupon Code!

It hasn’t been a year yet since the original M1 Note was launched, but its successor, the Meizu M2 Note has already been announced to much fanfare. Now, a number of international online sellers have it on pre-sale, allowing you to pay to reserve yours ahead of everyone else and have it shipped to you [...]

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Firefly Mobile Allure 64 LTE Front and Back

Firefly Mobile Allure 64 LTE is the Best Deal on a Budget Smartphone Right Now

The battle between international and local budget brands isn’t just about the specs, but pricing as well. Some of the best phones have flopped despite rocking some awesome specs just because they couldn’t get the pricing right. Well, the Firefly Mobile Allure 64 LTE isn’t one of those phones. In fact, it gets almost everything [...]

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Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power Review: With Great Power Comes Great Affordability

If you read the spec sheet for the Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power, it’s easy to get excited, especially with its Php4,999 price tag. You’re getting an octa-core SoC to drive your apps and a monster 4,000mAh battery to keep things going for several days. Of course, specs on paper and the actual user experience [...]

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Cherry Mobile Cosmos Two Featured

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Two Keeps the Premium Build But Becomes Even More Affordable

The Cosmos series is supposed to be Cherry Mobile’s premium lineup. But with their latest entry, they seem to be breaking barriers of just what you can get at entry-level price points. The newly announced Cherry Mobile Cosmos Two features a 5 inch HD IPS display, 64-bit 1.5GHz MT6732 quad core processor from MediaTek, not [...]

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Cherry Mobile Omega Lite Featured

Cherry Mobile Omega Lite Buy 1 Take 1 Sale Goes Nationwide From June 12 to 15!

The Cherry Mobile Omega Lite has actually been offered recently through Buy 1 Take 1 sales at various concept stores throughout the country. However, the local brand has finally taken to bringing the promo nationwide so everyone can take advantage. In case you missed it, the Cherry Mobile Omega Lite is an affordable 5 inch [...]

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ASUS ZenPower Credit Card Size 10,500mAh Power Bank

ASUS ZenPower Credit Card Size 10,050mAh Power Bank Quick Review!

Shortly after the Zenfone 2 launch, ASUS has followed up what is possibly the most sought after budget smartphone of 2015 with what may eventually become the most popular power bank as well. Sure, the ASUS ZenPower Credit Card Size 10,050mAh power bank isn’t the first 10,000mAh power bank in the market, but it is [...]

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Starmobile Knight Luxe

Starmobile Knight Luxe is an AMOLED-Equipped Octa-core Smartphone for Less Than Php8k!

I’ve always been a big fan of AMOLED screens, so it’s nice to see Starmobile come out with an affordable AMOLED-equipped smartphone in the form of the newly announced Knight Luxe. Of course, affordable doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a compromise in performance as the Starmobile Knight Luxe has the heart of a 1.4GHz octa-core [...]

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