Wednesday 16th April 2014,
Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum Official

Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum to be Equipped with Broadcom 23550 Processor

Within the last week or so, we’ve seen quite a slew of upcoming Cherry Mobile devices revealed thanks to a promotional flier that’s been circulating the internet. Among them is the Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum. Some of the specs have already been revealed via the flier, but the specific processor has been a mystery, at [...]

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Cherry Mobile Omega Infinity

The Cherry Mobile Omega Infinity is a Badass Octa Core Beast

It’s been a while since the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 hit the market and now it seems it’s going to be joined by another octa core phone. Like the Cosmos Z2, the Cherry Mobile Omega Infinity is equipped with a MediaTek 1.7GHz octa core MT6592 SoC and 2GB RAM. However, it also comes with a [...]

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Cherry Mobile Aeon Featured

Cherry Mobile Aeon Features Surprisingly Good Specs at Php5,999

In case you missed it, images of a leaked promotional flyer have been circulating among the Cherry Mobile groups as of late. This flyer showcases a number of Cherry Mobile’s upcoming phones, including the Urban, Omega Spectrum, and now the Aeon. The Cherry Mobile Aeon isn’t that much different from the Omega Spectrum in terms [...]

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Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum Featured

Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum is the Rio’s Brother from Another Mother

It’s only been a few days since the MyPhone was finally released into the market and now it seems that Cherry Mobile is about to respond with a quad core smartphone with 5 inch HD screen of their own. The Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum may not have been announced yet, but it was spotted on [...]

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Cherry Mobile Urban

Cherry Mobile Urban Could be First Local Smartphone With Kitkat 4.4!

If there’s one thing I hate about local smartphones right now, it’s that all of them run Android 4.2 or earlier. For whatever reason they have, MediaTek has been withholding their source code, keeping developers from making custom ROMs and forcing MediaTek phone owners to be reliant on their in-house developed software. This is why [...]

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MyPhone Ocean Elite

MyPhone Ocean Elite Price Revealed?

While everyone is going gaga over the MyPhone Rio, the pioneer local brand has two more much-awaited phones to release. One of them is the MyPhone Ocean Elite, which features a similar screen and hardware configuration as the Rio, but sporting a more premium build and larger internal storage. Well, it might interest you guys [...]

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Antutu 16,801

MyPhone Rio Hands-on Review and Antutu Scores!

Yesterday, I had been invited to attend the grand opening of Allphones’ 50th store. While they typically have a lot of phones on display, I didn’t expect that they would have the MyPhone Rio so soon after its announcement. I managed to sneak in some hands on time with the MyPhone Rio despite the crowd [...]

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Gionee Elife E7 Hands-on Review: What the Elife E6 Should Have Been

Back when the Elife E6 was launched, I was impressed by the gorgeous hardware and attention paid to the camera software. However, the bloated Amigo UI and slowish processor held it back from being truly great. Fast forward to today, and the Gionee Elife E7 has its chance to redeem its predecessor. Is the Elife [...]

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MyPhone Ocean Lite and Mini

MyPhone Ocean Lite and Ocean Mini Officially Announced!

While MyPhone fans eagerly await the arrival of the Infinity and Ocean Elite, the pioneer local phone brand has recently announced two new phones aimed at the entry level segment: the MyPhone Ocean Lite and Ocean Mini. And guess what? Neither phone retails for more than Php3k! The MyPhone Ocean Lite is a 4 incher [...]

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Check out these funky shelves!

TechnoPop! A New Haven for the Gadget Geek!

Enter the floor of any SM Cybermall or other gadget hub and you’ll find a few well-designed concept stores amidst a sea of generic-looking multi-brand sellers. Why not create a well-designed multi-brand store that’s more than just selling profit? Why not create a more intimate experience where gadget lovers can hang out instead of just [...]

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