Thursday, September 20, 2018

LG Kick Off Sale Starts 2016 with Price Drops and Freebies!

It’s a new year and LG Philippines has decided to start it off in a pretty good way. Four of its smartphones are either getting freebies or going on sale for a limited time!

2016 KickOff sale final

The LG G4 Beat LTE and Leon both get a Php1k price cut while the LG Max now comes with an extra B220 dumbphone valued at Php799. The LG Magna is also getting its own freebie in the form of a 16GB microSD card. LG’s Kick Off Sale only lasts until February 29 though, so if you’ve got an eye on any of these deals, make sure to check out an LG dealer near you well before then.

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Back when I started MobileTechPinoy in 2012, phablets weren't a thing yet. I enjoyed the stares I got from iPhone owners whenever I whipped out my Samsung Galaxy Note at the time. I'm much more budget-conscious these days though and am perfectly fine with using phones from any of our locally brands.