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LG G6+ Gets 6GB RAM and Doubles the Storage!

As good as the LG G6 already is, it faces stiff competition. So much so that the South Korean electronics giant has decided to give it a little update in the form of the revamped LG G6+ that comes with [...]

June 20, 2017 Smartphones

LG G6 Hands on Impressions: Return to Form

Last year, LG took a gamble with G5 by going modular. Users could quickly add extra functionality to their G5 by swapping out different modules, such as a camera extension or DAC accessory. Unfortunately, it was an inelegant solution and the [...]

April 20, 2017 Reviews, Smartphones

LG Tone Studio is a Weird Neckband-style Wearable Bluetooth Speaker!

Neckband-style Bluetooth headsets are still a little weird for me, but LG continues to out them every year at least for the time being. Their newest LG Tone Studio is even weirder than the usual though as it’s more than [...]

December 29, 2016 Accessories and Peripherals

LG V20 Now on Pre-Order, Comes with Php10k Freebie!

Now that Samsung has officially shelved the Galaxy Note 7, that leaves other flagships to step up. One of the few that could actually go toe to toe with the Note 7 is the LG V20, a multimedia powerhouse with a [...]

October 14, 2016 Sale Alert, Smartphones

LG Twin Wash Innovates The Way You Do Laundry

If you thought there couldn’t be any way to innovate doing your wash, LG set out just to prove you wrong with the world’s first twin wash washing machine! The LG TWIN Wash takes up the same amount of space [...]

July 6, 2016 News in Tech

LG X Cam from New “Specialist” Series Revealed with Dual Rear Cameras!

A lot of brands are showing off their wares ahead of MWC 2016 with LG chiming in with two new smartphones from their new Specialist series of smartphones. To me, the LG X Cam is the more interesting of the [...]

February 16, 2016 Smartphones

LG Kick Off Sale Starts 2016 with Price Drops and Freebies!

It’s a new year and LG Philippines has decided to start it off in a pretty good way. Four of its smartphones are either getting freebies or going on sale for a limited time! The LG G4 Beat LTE and [...]

January 19, 2016 Sale Alert

LG G Pad II 8.3 LTE Surprisingly Does a Stylus

Normally, I associate styli (or styluses, whatever) with that other South Korean electronics giant, but the recently announced LG G Pad II 8.3 LTE appears to take a page from its rival’s playbook and comes with a stylus of its [...]

December 25, 2015 Tablets

New Lineup of LG 4K OLED TVs Will Make You Drool

When it comes to TVs, few make them better than LG. So it was pretty awesome that I got the opportunity to preview a couple of upcoming Ultra High Definition models that are slated to enter the Philippine market in [...]

October 22, 2015 News in Tech, Press Events

LG G Pad II 10.1 Features Reduced Blue Light and a 7,400mAh Battery

While IFA 2015 is still a few days away, LG has seen fit to unveil their first tablet in the new G Pad II line. The upcoming LG G Pad II 10.1 has a couple of noticeable improvements in the [...]

August 25, 2015 Tablets