D-Power K91W LED Bluetooth Speaker Review: Making Boomboxes Great Again

90s kids will remember the status symbols that were boomboxes back then. They were these giant yet portable entertainment systems with built-in cassette deck or CD players that could be pumped up to deafening levels. So it’s funny to see some brands start bringing them back in a new form: portable Bluetooth boomboxes that now have the ability to connect to your smartphone. The D-power K91W LED speaker is probably one of the best examples of this, not only supporting wired and wireless connectivity, but a whole host of cool and convenient features!

Audio Quality

The D-power K91W LED comes equipped with a 2″ tweeter and 6.5″ woofer, with a max output of 30w. This gives it an advantage against even some of the other larger Bluetooth speakers as it has its own separate woofer for bass. It isn’t as good as some basic home theater systems, but for a Bluetooth speaker, it’s great. There’s even a function that allows you to boost the overall volume to almost twice the normal range.

It even has a proper vent that allows the K91W LED to use its large body and aid in the reproduction of lower bass frequencies. In a small room, you’ll appreciate the bass it’s able to deliver. And while it won’t be as evident in larger spaces, the K91W LED compensates with its loudness boost.


Now in case you didn’t already realize it, this thing has “LED” in its name and if you’re an EDM lover, the D-power K91W LED can get really trippy with its lighting effects. The LEDs are hidden behind the front grill and just on top of the speakers themselves and are capable of different ambient effects as well as one mode that lets it double as a visual equalizer.

As if it wasn’t enough, even the handle can light up!

The K91W isn’t just about looks though. It also comes with a host of inputs and control options. It’s certainly more than you’d normally see on any other Bluetooth speaker. You can cycle between AUX, Bluetooth, and USB modes at the press of a button. There are also individual knobs to control the master volume, bass, echo, and mic separately. As for audio sources, you can plug in a flash drive or Micro SD card, in addition to connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. You can use it as a personal PA system, either via the wired mic input or the included wireless mic. The wireless mic is pretty crappy for singing and videoke though, so I’d recommend getting a proper mic for that.

Of course, completing the boombox are the detachable straps for convenient portability. The K91W LED is pretty heavy, so you’ll no doubt appreciate this simple feature.

So Should You Buy the D-Power K91W LED?

As popular as boomboxes were in the 90s, they have a different appeal in this day and age. They’re larger than your average Bluetooth speaker and can’t easily be stashed in your bag. However, Bluetooth boomboxes like the D-Power K91W LED have plentiful uses even if they aren’t as portable. I’ve already used this numerous times when the videoke mic wasn’t working properly at a friends house and I’d substitute it with the K91W LED and plug a mic into it. It’s also versatile enough that it can be used at a range of events like pool parties, birthday parties, and team building events that it’s practically a no-brainer buy for just Php4,399!



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