Which of Cherry Mobile’s New Wearables is for You?

Quite frankly, I find it ridiculous that a lot of wearables cost as much as phones. Which is why I love that Cherry Mobile decided to come out with a lineup of their own. For as low as Php1,299, you can get a serviceable wearable with IP67 or IP68 scratch and water-resistance! However, the designs and features do vary. How do you decide which one is for you? Here’s some information that might help you out with that.

Cherry Mobile Flare Active

The Cherry Mobile Flare Active is just that. It’s for individuals who live active lifestyles and want something that fits that lifestyle instead of dragging them down with extra tech. The Flare Active is a sleek-looking wearable in an unobtrusive band-style design that looks more like a fashion accessory than a piece of smart tech. If you live a really mobile lifestyle and want something that can keep up, the Flare Active is rated IP67 and is just right for you. Price: Php1,299

Cherry Mobile Flare Sport

Now, if you’re more than just active and do take time to work out from time to time, the Flare Sport could be for you. The form factor is more reminiscent of a traditional watch, although thanks to its 1.04″ OLED display, it’s much more impressive. So is its IP68 rating for scratch and waterproofing, perfect even if you were to accidentally forget to take it off before jumping into the pool. Price: Php1,299

Cherry Mobile Flare Watch

Finally, we have the Flare Watch. As uninspired as the name may be, it’s actually the most premium wearable of the bunch thanks to a heavier metal body. It comes with a larger 1.3″ circular LED display and IP68 scratch and waterproofing. This is a better, all-around version versus the Flare Sport and is something you’d want for all the same features that some more expensive wearables come with. Price: Php2,499


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