D-Power S10 Review: A Pocketable Fast-charging Solution

Most of D-Power’s current lineup of power banks come with support for fast charging. She D-Power S10 is no different, although it’s one of the more affordable fast-charging options. As they included it among the products they gave me a while bank, I was able to take it for a spin in the last month.

Build Quality and Design

The D-Power S10 is similar in build quality to the S15PD as it too is encased in a metal shell. However, thanks to its smaller capacity, it’s nowhere near as cumbersome. There is no built-in cable, but that also means all of its ports are on one side of the device.


The D-Power S10 is packed with 12,000mAh of juice. By today’s standards, that should be good enough to charge a smartphone 3 to 6 times over. Thanks to Quick Charge 3.0, it should also be able to charge compatible QC 3.0 devices up to 80% in as little as 35 minutes. Sadly, there’s no PD 3.0 support, for wider fast-charging compatibility, but Qualcomm’s QC 3.0 is one of today’s most popular fast charging standards.

As mentioned, there’s no built-in charging cable, but it does come with 2 Type-A ports, one of which is the fast charging port. There’s also a micro USB port that facilitates charging of the power bank itself.

Of course, it too comes with an LED indicator to show the exact remaining capacity. I do find the screen on this one is smaller and a little harder to read though. The button that triggers the LED indicator is likewise hard to press.

So Should You Buy the D-Power S10?

The D-Power S10 is one of their more affordable power banks with support for fast charging. However, unlike the others, it only supports QC 3.0, not PD 3.0, which is a shame really, as it limits the number of fast charging devices that are compatible with the S10. I’m less inclined to buy this one, although at Php1,399 it’s still reasonably priced.

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