Friday, February 28, 2020

Samsung NX3000: A Sweet-looking ILC Camera for the Prosumer

Samsung NX3000

Just because you want better photos doesn’t mean you automatically have to get an intimidating DSLR. Samsung and other competitors have been consistently churning out better and better interchangeable-lens camera systems that a lot of newbies looking to transition to the world of prosumer cameras can sink their teeth into.

Samsung NX3000 LCD

The Samsung NX3000 is one such ILC camera that takes the innards of its relatively successful predecessor, the NX2000, and swaps out the touchscreen interface for a more traditional button interface. The design has also undergone a but of refinement. Whereas the NX2000 had a clean and modern look, the NX3000 goes for a more retro look with more buttons and textured body.

Of course, you’re not buying the Samsung NX3000 just for aesthetics’ sake. The camera packs a 20.3mp APS-C sensor, Full HD recording, continuous shooting at up to 5fps, and WiFi connectivity for convenience. You have a choice of two kits: $529 for the 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Power ZoomED OIS lens and $479 for a 20-50mm lens. It would be interesting to know that the Samsung NX3000 actually retails for less than the NX2000.


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