Sony RX1R II Stuffs a Full Frame 42mp Sensor Into a Pocket-sized Body

Sony RX1R II

Sony makes some of the best compact cameras around, and as if to prove that, they just came out with the new RX1R II. The Sony RX1R II manages to pack a full frame 35mm sensor with a max resolution of 42.4mp while still retaining a body that could still fit in your pocket.

Of course, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to actually fit it into your pockets thanks to its fixed lens, but there are plenty of things to love about the RX1R II. For one thing, its sensor is backlit, allowing for an ISO range of 100-25,600. For autofocus, it uses a 399 focal-plane phase detection system that covers 45% of the image area, working together with 25 contrast detection AF points for an AF that’s 30% faster than its predecessor, the RX1R.

There are also some new features that hardcore enthusiasts will appreciate. Sony has developed the world’s first optical variable low pass filter and managed to include it on the RX1R II. It can also sync flash up to 1/2000, which would make it logical to assume that it uses a virtually silent leaf shutter.

Its compact size makes the Sony RX1R II one of the best cameras you can get for street photography. Its high resolution means you can simply crop photos rather than zooming in and still get great detail. Of course, its asking price of $3,300 will limit the audience for one of the best Sony cameras I’ve seen yet. Still, if you have the cash to burn, its due out internationally in November.

Sony RX1R II Official Sample Photos


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