Cherry Mobile W900 LTE Gets Leaked! First Local Phone with LTE Support!

By now, many of you should already know about the recently leaked trio of handsets: the Hero, Titan 2.0 and Omega HD 2X. However if you thought that those were all the phones in Cherry Mobile latest batch of handsets to hit the market, it appears they have one last surprise in the form of the W900 LTE that was leaked by Facebook user “Mac Mac” on one of the Cherry Mobile user groups. And if you haven’t guessed it from the name yet, the Cherry Mobile W900 LTE happens to sport 4G/LTE data speeds!

Cherry Mobile W900 LTE

The phone isn’t of phablet proportions though. The Cherry Mobile W900 LTE has a 4.3 inch HD OGS screen, which is much smaller than anything that’s been leaked today, but that also means it has the second highest pixel density among local phones, putting it ahead of the Cherry Mobile Apollo and right behind the Cosmos Z. Also, it only has a 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon processor instead of quad core. It does have 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and a 12mp BSI camera though.

The price is the kicker though. At Php11,499, it’s kind of expensive for a sub-5 inch screen and dual core processor. However, that’s what you get for adding LTE support.

Source: Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 (OFFICIAL)

7 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile W900 LTE Gets Leaked! First Local Phone with LTE Support!

  1. Finally LTE on a local brand droid phone!!!! Nice Cherry, very nice. This just raised my expectation for them to put LTE on a tablet too. Could it be Bolt 2.0?

  2. It’s not worth it, i would rather buy Xperia SP,!!! worth 14k-15k. LTE na, dual core with antutu 15k… !

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