CherryRoam is the Best Data Roaming Solution for the Next International Seat Sale

International travel has become so much more accessible thanks to affordable seat sales. One challenge of travelling abroad though is finding an equally affordable way to stay connected. Sure, you can upload your vacation photos and keep in touch with loved ones through public WiFi hotspots. However, these are often unsecured, meaning your data can be intercepted. On the other hand, you could activate data roaming, but this is a significantly more expensive option.

Cherry Mobile’s newest venture, CherryRoam is probably the single best and most affordable solution to this. For as low as Php250, you can get a 1GB package for 3 days at one of your favorite destinations like Japan, South Korea, or China. And it’s a SIM-less solution so you don’t have to worry about having to maintain yet another number.

The CherryRoam Device

The CherryRoam device itself is powered by GlocalMe, the global leader in CloudSIM technology, and provides up to 4G/LTE secured connectivity in over 100 countries. Up to 5 users can connect to it at any one time and thanks to its dual SIM support, it can also be used as a local WiFi hotspot. Sporting a 4 inch touchscreen and easy to navigate interface, it’s also a more familiar device versus other clunky solutions with button inputs and no displays.¬†Finally, a 5350mAh battery gives it up to 15 hours of standby time and you can even use it as a power bank for your other devices.

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How Can You Get It?

There are two ways to get your hands on a CherryRoam device. One is you can get it outright for just Php6,990. Considering it isn’t just a data roaming solution, it’s already quite the all-in-one bargain. Of course, you can also rent a device by going to their website, filling out details such as your preferred travel dates and data package then have it delivered right to your doorstep. You can also pick it up at an accredited hub such as Travel Club outlets.

What Kind of Rates are we Talking About?

Data packages are significantly more affordable than most other solutions. With CherryRoam, you could spend as little as Php250 for 1GB of data on a 3-day business trip to Japan! Check out some example rates below:

To learn more about CherryRoam and their rates, head on over to their website!

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