Well that was a surprise. Members of the media and blogging community were invited for what everyone assumed to be the launch of the Cherry Mobile Omega HD. As it turns out, the local phone brand had another ace up its sleeve in the form of the Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0. What sets it apart from every other locally branded budget phone? It’s the first one to sport a quad core processor!

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0

It’s a 1.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon S4 processor, to be specific. I haven’t verified it yet, but it will likely be coupled with an Adreno GPU and 1Gb of RAM, which should allow it to power through many of the more system-intensive tasks that you can put it through like gaming or video editing.

The resolution is also quite nice, being a qHD screen, but it’s not an IPS display. Still, viewing angles shouldn’t be that bad, and it’s not likely that you’ll be looking at the phone off-angle that much anyway. It is a One Glass Solution type of display though. For those that aren’t in the know, it eliminates a few separate layers from the screen and integrates all the touchscreen elements into a single layer of glass, resulting in a smaller gap between the LCD screen and glass surface.

The Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 also has some software tricks up its sleeve. Remember the Dual Camera feature of the Galaxy S4? The Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 can do that same PiP trick on both still images and video. Not bad for a phone that only costs Php6,999.

Like the Omega HD, the Flame 2.0 will be released into the market some time in April. So which one are you getting? Will it be the Omega HD or Flame 2.0?

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 Specs

  • 4.5 inch qHD One Glass Solution display (540 x 960 resolution, 245ppi)
  • 1.2GHz quad core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 4Gb ROM, expandable up to 32Gb via micro SD
  • 3G, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, GPS
  • 1,600mAh battery
  • Dual SIM
  • Price: Php6,999
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    Now I’m torn between thunder or this.

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