Xiaomi Unveils New Redmi Branding for International Market


Some of you may be familiar with Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer that has been making waves recently for coming out with impressively specced devices at surprisingly low price points. Last year, they released the Hongmi (literally means Red Rice), which was marketed primarily in China. Now however, they’ve decided to expand their market and create an entirely new brand called Redmi, which is a play off the Hongmi name.

Beyond announcing the new Redmi brand though, there’s nothing in the way of a new product announcement. Still, it’s encouraging to see one of China’s fastest-rising phone brands trying to reach out and make their affordable high end offerings more accessible to the international market. At the moment, Xiaomi phones have only been available locally through the gray market. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see Xiaomi’s Redmi phones on local retailer shelves pretty soon.

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