Sykes Glorietta 1 Front Desk

Sykes Asia Promotes Culture of Support with Launch of Glorietta 1 Site

A little more than a month ago, Sykes Asia Incorporated opened the doors of its Glorietta 1 site to both call center and young professionals while celebrating 16 years of relentless growth in the Philippines. The August 14 launch marked a new era in the urban-economic landscape smack dab in the middle of the busy Makati CBD.

Sykes Glorietta 1 Recruitment Hub Entrance

The new site isn’t just a place for work. It’s a place of learning, advancement, productivity, and the collaboration of thousands of employees. There was a lot of emphasis placed in the human factor, with vibrant walls and floors creating a rejuvenating effect on the senses while the recruitment hub, lounge and common areas feature comfortable sofas to promote association, engagement and exchange.

Sykes Glorietta 1 Huddle Room

Naturally, productivity is still a focus and the Glorietta 1 site incorporates a number of tech-savvy features such as movable stations in the training rooms, an energy-saving lighting system, and ergonomic chairs across the production floor. All these combine to create the perfect environment for people to learn and reinforce their communication and relations with each other.

Sykes Glorietta 1 Huddle Room2

Of course, Sykes understands the demanding nature of the job and paid attention to the human factor when structuring the site’s resting spaces. As always, there will be sleeping quarters that can accommodate a number of employees that need to rest and relax. There’s also a large clinic for those who need medical aid, not to mention mothers’ rooms interestingly enough for nursing women who need a bit of privacy.

Sykes Glorietta 1 Facade

The launch of the Sykes Asia Glorietta 1 site is certainly a milestone achievement for the BPO giant, one  that strengthens its position as an industry leader by aligning in-house operations with a workplace that emphasizes its proud culture of support.

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