Enter the floor of any SM Cybermall or other gadget hub and you’ll find a few well-designed concept stores amidst a sea of generic-looking multi-brand sellers. Why not create a well-designed multi-brand store that’s more than just selling profit? Why not create a more intimate experience where gadget lovers can hang out instead of just shop? That’s the idea behind TechnoPop, the brain child of Hawkinson Lato, brother of Kim Lato who some of you might know as the owner of the highly successful gray market seller Kimstore.

Left to right: Kim Lato of Kimstore, My best buddy Rainier, Hawkinson Lato of TechnoPop, and Me!

Left to right: Kim Lato of Kimstore, My best buddy Rainier, Hawkinson Lato of TechnoPop, and Me!

Of course with TechnoPop, it is Hawk’s time to shine. TechnoPop aims to be different by being a homey haven for tech lovers. No, you won’t get the plain, bland, all-white look of the typical gadget store. TechnoPop is chill, with light and relaxing colors, a great ambiance and a whole range of gadgets and accessories to choose from, including earphones, power banks, portable speakers and Android toys and collectibles.

TechnoPop offers¬†recognizable brands like Otterbox, Urbanears, Braven and Jabra, but there are also a few brands that you might not have heard of but are incredibly popular overseas. For example, Krussel is a Swedish case brand that Kimstore loyalists have heard of but may not necessarily have had the chance to check out. You’ll also find other internationally famous brands that aren’t widely available here like iPearl (USA), Millerton (USA), and Beachbuoy (Britain). Hawk said these were brands that he had mostly read about online to great reviews and had decided to offer through TechnoPop.

TechnoPop also has plans of carrying phones in the future, but for now, you’ll only find Huawei on display. TechnoPop only has two locations. One is their flagship store at the Bluebay Walk on Macapagal Blvd in Pasay while the other is in Eton Emerald Lofts at Ortigas Center, Pasig. I was able to visit the one at Bluebay and found the experience to be refreshing so I’m hoping we’ll find more locations soon.

Huawei and Jabra on display

Huawei and Jabra on display

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