Cherry Mobile Flare Lite: A Dual Core Starter Smartphone for JustPhp2,699!

Cherry Mobile Flare Lite

Everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you’re graduating from an old Nokia 3310 you’ve been using for the last decade or a student whose first phone just has to be a smartphone, the Cherry Mobile Flare Lite can be your launching point into all things Android. It sports a very affordable price tag of Php2,699 and comes with all the basics to get your smartphone experience started.

The Flare Lite is as basic as you can get by today’s standards. You’re getting a 4 inch capacitive display, 1GHz dual core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage. You’re also getting 3G and WiFi connectivity, not to mention a 1,300mAh battery and Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box.

If you’re looking to transition to your first smartphone and want to avoid spending too much, the Cherry Mobile Flare Lite is a great choice. It even comes in a range of colors: red, blue, pink, green, white, black, and yellow. That way, there’s a color to match anyone’s personality!

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