Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Plus Camera Samples: Awesome AI-assisted Camera!

The Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Plus is one of the most impressive smartphones the local brand has released in years and is one of their first to tout AI-assisted cameras. So just how good is the camera on the Flare S7 Plus? Take a look at some of the shots I’ve taken over the past few weeks that I’ve been able to use it.

*Please note that while all shots have been downsized, they are all unedited unless otherwise stated.


One of the first shots I took with the Flare S7 Plus was this outdoor shot in HDR mode where it overlays two exposures (underexposed + overexposed) to achieve an image that’s more or less perfectly exposed. This was taken a little close to lunch time with some dark shadows, although it was a little overcast.¬†With just a little symmetry and a decent camera, any location can turn out to be a memorable photo that can tell a story.


Of course, I also tried out the selfie camera. The first shot was inside the car with normal ambient daytime lighting while the second was a back-lit selfie. The latter would be a challenge for mediocre selfie cameras, but was handled just fine by the Flare S7 Plus, managing to achieve just the right exposure for both the subject (me) and the background.

Food Shots

When taking food shots, I sometimes alternated between the Bokeh mode and HDR, depending on the lighting.

What impressed me though was the low-light performance. Usually in poor lighting, I would just give up on the shot since I hate using the flash. In this case, I just shot in Bokeh mode and was able to get decent enough detail that when I corrected it in Photoshop it still looked like a great shot. See above for comparison.

Bokeh Mode

Anyone’s favorite mode these days is “bokeh”, which used to be only achievable on expensive DSLRs. These days, most dual camera smartphone setups can achieve this too, and it works well on the Flare S7 Plus. In the above shots, you can see the gradual blur as you move further away from the subject instead of a harsh drop-off in sharpness, which is the ideal and more realistic effect.

The Flare S7 Plus has a lot of things going for it, such as specs and price. With an awesome camera in tow, this could be one of their best and most well-rounded phones to date!

So what do you guys think about the camera? Think it’s a steal at Php11,999? Let me know in the comments below!







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