DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus: HD Screen and Quad Core CPU for Php7,999

DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus

DTC Mobile is set to announce a number of new phones a day from now and this one could be one of them. The DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus was just revealed on the local phone brand’s Facebook page, and while it inherits the design of the original GT17 Jupiter, some of the specs have been improved to give you better features for the money.

The GT17A Jupiter Plus features a 4.7 inch screen, just like its predecessor. However, rather than qHD resolution, the pixels have been bumped up to HD so you get better pixel density and clarity within the same screen size.

You’re also getting a 1.2GHz quad core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. 8GB isn’t a whole lot, but it’s definitely an improvement over the typical 4GB of storage that most other phones in this price range come with.

As for the rest of the specs, the GT17A Jupiter Plus comes with a 13mp autofocus rear-facing camera with LED flash and a 3.2mp front camera. It also runs Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean out of the box and is powered by a decent 2,200mAh battery.

More detailed specs haven’t been released yet, such as the specific model of the processor. However, this is about all we need to know in order to get a good idea of what to expect from the Jupiter Plus.

The phone will retail for Php7,999, which isn’t bad for the specs. However, DTC Mobile has a few more phones it’s set to reveal, so I’d say it’s best to wait until tomorrow’s reveal before deciding which one is the cream of the crop.

DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus Specs

  • 4.7″ HD IPS display (720 x 1280 resolution, 312ppi)
  • 1.2GHz quad core processor
  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB ROM
  • 13mp autofocus rear-facing camera with LED flash
  • 3.2mp front camera
  • 2,200mAh battery
  • Price: Php7,999

One thought on “DTC GT17A Jupiter Plus: HD Screen and Quad Core CPU for Php7,999

  1. the whole performance of this phone is quite impressive as at this price
    compare to other brand you can’t get similar specs. there is no doubt
    that this mobile is taking a large market. I have also bought this a few
    days ago and I am quite satisfied with this phone only defect of this
    phone is camera. It is mentioned that it has 13mp rear camera but in
    real, it works no more than 2 mp. even the picture size is less than
    800kb. So if you are planning to buy this one and you are a camera lover
    then this is not for you. With all this range of specs, DTC should give it a decent camera at least.

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