Nokia Asha 210 with Physical QWERTY Keyboard Revealed

Remember that teaser from Nokia about that phone they were about to launch on the 24th? It turned out to be the QWERTY feature phone that everyone was expecting. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Nokia Asha 210.

The new Asha 210 features a Lumia-inspired design, which is particularly observable on the back of the phone. Being on the budget side of things, there’s not much to expect from it except its bargain basement pricing. Still, you get a fairly serviceable 2.4 inch QVGA screen, a 2mp snapper and 64Mb of internal storage. If you think he amount of storage on the Asha 210 is a bit paltry, you’ll be thankful that it’s expandable via micro SD.

While the Nokia Asha 210 should be released internationally, it will come in a dual SIM variant as well for Asian markets like ours. As is common on budget phones in the Asha line, it will be available in cyan, yellow, black, magenta and white. No word on pricing yet, but it’s expected to retail at $72 and will come out in Q2 of this year.

Source: Nokia

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