While their Lumia line (and the rest of the Windows Phone 8 handsets for that matter) continues struggling to break into the a larger share of the mobile market, Nokia has been doing just fine with their Asha feature phones. Part of their success has been their low end pricing while still maintaining a smartphone experience. Ask anyone who has bought an Asha in the past and they’ll tell you they got more than they paid for. Well, it seems that from this latest teaser graphic, the Finnish phone company is looking to continue that tradition with the possible release of some new Asha phones on April 24th. Check it out below.

Nokia Asha April 24 Teaser
Nokia’s April 24 Teaser Graphic

To be honest, there’s actually no mention or confirmation from Nokia of this being an Asha launch. However, the teaser on Nokia’s blog mentions that there will be a Q&A session with Neil Broadley of their Mobile Phones team. If you’re familiar with how Nokia is structured, you’ll realize that it’s unlikely for this to be a Lumia launch since they have their own separate team that is independent of the Mobile Phones division.

Also, many international blogs are speculating that Nokia only has plans of releasing a QWERTY phone on the 24th, probably because they assume that the teaser graphic is only showing two different parts of the same phone. However, based on my own hunches, I’m guessing that the teaser graphic is actually featuring two different phones: one QWERTY Asha and the other, a touchscreen Asha. Why? Because the phone on the left looks more like one end of a touchscreen phone rather than the other end of the QWERTY Asha on the right.

Of course, I could be wrong, so it’s best to take this with a grain of salt until the actual international launch on April 24. Interested in getting the latest details? The Nokia launch of these new phones will be at 7am GMT (3pm Manila).

Source: Nokia

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