Toshiba Encore 7 is Smallest and Possibly Most Affordable Windows 8.1 Tablet Yet!

Toshiba Encore 7

I have an admission to make. I’ve never owned a laptop. The closest I’ve probably come was when I would sometimes use my wife’s netbook for work. Since we disposed of it, I’ve been looking for an affordable Windows productivity notebook that I could use to live blog at events and it looks like Toshiba may have the answer with the newly revealed Encore 7 tablet. The Toshiba Encore 7 shrinks Windows 8.1 down to the size of a Nexus 7 while still bringing all of the productivity capabilities you would expect from the platform.

The Toshiba Encore 7 features a 7 inch WSVGA screen, an Intel Bay Trail Atom processor, and 1GB RAM. The specs are rather stunted for a Windows 8.1 device, but if it’s snappy enough for office productivity, I’m all for it. What I like most about it though is the possibility that this might come in somewhere around the Php10k mark. It’s small, portable, and by hooking it up to a Bluetooth keyboard, I could live blog anywhere!






One response to “Toshiba Encore 7 is Smallest and Possibly Most Affordable Windows 8.1 Tablet Yet!”

  1. Ferdinand Marte Avatar
    Ferdinand Marte

    if they price it @ P4999, i’ll get one and brag about it haha

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