Google Play Store Gets a Slick New Redesign

It’s been a while since the Google Play Store’s last major update, but now the Android app market is finally getting a fresh redesign. The update will be rolling out starting today and is available for devices running at least Android 2.2 Froyo. Not that the one that we’re used to was horrible, but this new design update brings quite a few features that should make app discovery on your Android device that much easier.

Google Play on Nexus 7  Google Play on Nexus 4

The first thing I like about Google Play Store redesign is how it simplifies the whole look and feel. The stripped down look now manages to fit in more apps onscreen while reducing the clutter. This makes it easier to discover the most best and most popular apps while reducing the stress on your eyes. Another thing is it streamlines the whole payment process, reducing the number of taps to charge your card and start downloading the app you want.

Google Play Store on Omega HD

If you’re connected to WiFi or mobile data and wondering why you’re not getting the update yet, it’s because the rollout is being staggered to keep from over-stressing Google’s servers. It should take about a week before 80 or 90% of all Android users (guesstimate) should get it pushed to their devices.

Source: Official Android Blog

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