Pope Francis Selfie Making Rounds On The Interwebz

Pope Francis Selfie

Pope Francis is well-known for being quite outgoing and often takes leave from the papal conventions to mingle with the common-folk. Well, it seems that on one of his little trips, he managed to become part of what will surely be one of the best selfies ever. Okay, so it isn’t quite the selfie, since it was taken by a group of teenagers who were posing with the pope for the shot, but it’s still quite the photo and it shows an even more intimate look at Pope Francis than you would normally see on CNN.

The back-story is that the teenagers were visiting from an Italian diocese and wanted to capture their encounter with Pope Francis with a front-facing camera from one of their cellphones. A photographer was even on-hand to capture how the Pope Francis Selfie all went down. It may not be the best quality shot, but it’s certainly a nice memory the teenagers were able to capture and share with the rest of us 🙂

Source: @FabioMRagona

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