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Are you a prepaid Smart subscriber? Yes? Text FREE to 9999 and get 30MB of data! Why? I have no idea but it’s for real and it’s happening right now! Oh, and you can do it everyday until November 30, 2014! That’s a whole 2 months of Smart free internet!

Basically, you’re going to have to register everyday, and of course, there are limits to what you can do with it. Thankfully, it’s not so bad. You can’t stream/download/watch movies through sites like YouTube, and you can’t use any VoIP or messaging apps like Vibr and WeChat.

However, everything else is fair game. You can browse your favorite websites, check out updates from your social media accounts, check and compose emails, and my wife’s favorite, shop online! Seriously, if you don’t have a Smart prepaid SIM yet, get one now just for this promo!

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JM Balicano

Back when I started MobileTechPinoy in 2012, phablets weren't a thing yet. I enjoyed the stares I got from iPhone owners whenever I whipped out my Samsung Galaxy Note at the time. I'm much more budget-conscious these days though and am perfectly fine with using phones from any of our locally brands.

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    Hi! How about Facebook Messenger (the stand alone app of FB for messages)? And other apps like the MMDA app and GrabTaxi?

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