OnePlus Silver Bullet

As successful as Xiaomi’s Mi In-Ear Headset has been internationally, OnePlus, another phone manufacturer isn’t about to let it hog the spotlight. The company has just recently announced their own sub-Php1k headset, the OnePlus Silver Bullet, a premium-looker that has plans of going head to head with the Xiaomi In-Ear Headset.

Both aim for delivering great sound and looking good while doing it, but the OnePlus Silver Bullet has its own distinct look. While the Mi In-Ear Headset, aka Pistons have a classy yet masculine look to them, the Silver Bullet is sleek and futuristic.

Unfortunately, the OnePlus Silver Bullet will only become available through 16 launch countries, which doesn’t include us. This is unlike Xiaomi’s Pistons, which have already reached a worldwide audience and can easily be bought through Lazada at this point. Hopefully, it will arrive here as well. The Xiaomi In-Ear Headset is good, but you can never be spoiled for too much choice. The Silver Bullet is priced at $15, but there’s no news when it will reach here.


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