Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker Will Upscale Your Audio to 32-bit!

CES is coming around the corner but a lot of brands are jumping the gun and revealing some of their upcoming products ahead of the electronics show. The Samsung H7 Wireless Speakers are just one of them and I’m already liking what I’m seeing. The South Korean electronics giant has decided to give the H7 retro-styling with a modern metal finish. It’s more than just looks though, as it also uses proprietary technology to upscale your audio sources up to 32-bit output!

Another exciting audio product to look forward to from Samsung is the MS750 soundbar. Unlike most soundbars today that still require a separate subwoofer to deliver that extra oomph, the Samsung MS750 will come with subwoofer performance embedded directly in the soundbar itself. This should make it a great space-saving option that doesn’t compromise on sound.

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