Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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PLDT Home Fibr Now Comes with Ridiculously Powerful WiFi Router

I don’t often attend telco events because they get more than enough coverage already, but my most recent invite to a PLDT Home Fibr event was different from the ones I’ve attended in the past. It was a more intimate gathering of both online and [...]

February 17, 2017 Accessories and Peripherals, Press Events

HyperX ALLOY FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Keeps Things Tight!

It seems like gaming keyboards are coming with even more bells and whistles than they used to, which can make them large, bulky, and occupy more space than your mouse hand might be comfortable with. That’s no understatement either, especially with [...]

February 7, 2017 Accessories and Peripherals

Starcube Digital TV Box Lets You Watch DTV, Playback Full HD Media, Gets an Intro Price of Just Php1,290!

Digital TV is just beginning to come into its own. We’ve already seen popular offerings from a local TV network along with a few mobile phones and accessories brands. However, the newly unveiled Starcube Digital TV Box promises to receive digital channels 2x better [...]

January 30, 2017 Accessories and Peripherals

Ekotek Ekobuds Go is an Affordable Bluetooth Sports Headset for Just Php1,470!

Bluetooth headsets are a dime a dozen these days, so any extra feature can put one model ahead of the rest. The newly unveiled Ekotek Ekobuds Go may be an option for you if you’re looking for an affordable Bluetooth headset [...]

January 30, 2017 Accessories and Peripherals

Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker Will Upscale Your Audio to 32-bit!

CES is coming around the corner but a lot of brands are jumping the gun and revealing some of their upcoming products ahead of the electronics show. The Samsung H7 Wireless Speakers are just one of them and I’m already [...]

December 29, 2016 Accessories and Peripherals

LG Tone Studio is a Weird Neckband-style Wearable Bluetooth Speaker!

Neckband-style Bluetooth headsets are still a little weird for me, but LG continues to out them every year at least for the time being. Their newest LG Tone Studio is even weirder than the usual though as it’s more than [...]

December 29, 2016 Accessories and Peripherals

Fossil Q Launched Locally, Boasting New Hybrid and Touchscreen Smartwatches!

Fossil isn’t a brand you would normally think of when it comes to hi-tech wearables, so it certainly came as a surprise to me that they already have 20 smartwatches and fitness trackers under their Q lineup. Among the most [...]

December 5, 2016 Accessories and Peripherals, Press Events

ASUS ROG Claymore is the World’s First RGB-Backlit Keyboard with Detachable Numpad!

As if there weren’t enough drool-worthy gaming peripherals out there, the ASUS ROG Claymore is adding itself to the mix. The ROG Claymore is the world’s first RGB-backlit mechanical keyboard with a detachable numpad. What’s convenient about this is that [...]

November 22, 2016 Accessories and Peripherals

Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro Headset Priced at a Sweet $22!

It seems like only yesterday when the original Xiaomi Pistons came out. The Chinese company has diversified its product portfolio since then and released several iterations of their popular Piston headsets. Now, it’s the Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro’s turn at the [...]

November 11, 2016 Accessories and Peripherals

Tronsmart PBT12 Presto Quick Charge 3.0 10,000mAh Power Bank

High capacity power banks are a dime a dozen these days, but with great capacity comes great charging times. Thankfully, there’s a new breed of fast charging power banks like the Tronsmart PBT12 Presto that not only has a high capacity 10,000mAh battery, [...]

October 16, 2016 Accessories and Peripherals, Sale Alert