Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Proposes We Leave the Earth Rather Than Save It


Climate change is real and humans are the reason for it. In the words of Jesus Diaz,

…the fact is that climate change is happening. It’s drastic and it’s accelerating, and we may not be able to stop it at this point.

Just in the Philippines alone, the effects have been quite evident. Living in Marikina, I personally suffered through Ondoy and the 2012 Habagat, although certainly not as much as those who lived in the lower-lying parts of Marikina, not to mention Pasig and Cainta. Then there was the horrific disaster of Typhoon Yolanda that left more than 6,000 dead in our country alone according to Wikipedia. And that isn’t even mentioning the dramatic effects of climate change that are being felt worldwide.

So what happens if we progress to a point where Earth is flat-lining? Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie Interstellar not only shows us what could happen, but proposes a theoretical solution. Don’t save the Earth. Leave it.

Yes, it’s a little heartless in the way that unplugging an elderly parent from life support is heartless. Okay, it’s several orders of magnitude more heartless than that since, you know, it’s Mother Earth we’re talking about. Of course, Interstellar is just a movie so it’s easy to get over and it’s not like they actually kill it. It’s more like island inhabitants looking for another island because the one they’re on is getting swallowed up by the sea.

Anyway, Interstellar has all the makings to be this decade’s Armageddon (that movie is from 16 year’s ago, OMG I feel old) with possibly more substance. It has a great premise, a solid cast (Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and┬áJessica Chastain), and a tested director and producer who breathed new life into Batman in films (my opinion is still up in the air about Superman). It even has what could probably be the most realistic depiction of warp travel ever!

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