Nexus 5 by LG in White

After leaking the Nexus 5 render on their Twitter account, @evleaks followed up with the white version less than 24 hours later. The render doesn’t show an all-white device, but rather, one with black bezels and white backing. That isn’t anything new as a lot of phones with white variants do this, but what was interesting was the message that the leaked Nexus 5 white variant image was tweeted with.



If you ask me, that “11/1” likely stands for November 1. This clashes slightly with previous reports that the device would be launched on October 31, or a day before @evleaks’ cryptic prediction. Or they could both actually be correct, with one predicted launch date being in a different time zone or something.

Whichever the case, the eventual launch of the Nexus 5 seems pretty imminent. So now that you’ve seen both the black and white variants, which one are you getting?

Source: @evleaks

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