SKK Mobile Celebrates First Ever Dealer’s Night By Raffling Cars and Cash Prizes

SKK Mobile Dealers Night

A few nights ago, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend the SKK Mobile Dealer’s Night at the Century Seafood Restaurant at Century Park Hotel where the newcomer to the local mobile phone business recognized and rewarded many of its top dealers. The event was graced with performances by celebrities Isabel Granada and Carlos Agassi. Unfortunately, the newest SKK Mobile endorser Marian Rivera wasn’t able to make it, but she did record a VTR for the benefit of everyone in attendance.

SKK Mobile Carlos Agassi
Carlos Agassi and his biceps posing with one of the dealer representatives in attendance

The highlight of the night wasn’t actually the performances by SKK Mobile’s brand ambassadors, but the generous raffle that the newest local phone brand decided to throw for everyone in attendance. The top three prizes for dealers were a Mercedes SLK series, Porsche Cayenne, and a Toyota Land Cruiser. The top cash prize was Php30,000. Also, even if you weren’t a dealer, you could still win as much as Php50,000 if you were in attendance. Of course, with my crappy luck, I didn’t win a thing. Oh wellzzz 😛

While SKK Mobile is only just breaking into the local phone industry, they’re certainly not being shy about throwing money around to get things done. In my opinion, it was a slick move to bag Marian Rivera as a brand ambassadress, not to mention get on their dealers’ good sides through the generous raffle and the large profit margins they offer compared to other brands. Still, it’s going to be a while until they become one of the top players in local smartphones.

One thought on “SKK Mobile Celebrates First Ever Dealer’s Night By Raffling Cars and Cash Prizes

  1. Cherry Mobile just outed Fusion Storm (sold out) and Superion Voyager. SKK’s specs-price combo is more closer to CM than any of the local brands, but CM still has the edge.

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