Cherry Mobile Burst Leaked Flyer Shot

Cherry Mobile Burst: Move Over Flare

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a Cherry Mobile Flare, I wouldn’t blame you. After all, where else can you get the performance of a Galaxy Nexus at a price of a Galaxy Pocket? Unfortunately, there have been some supply issues with the Flare that have been driving prices up with various dealers, and the phone itself is quite buggy. Too bad there aren’t any decent alternatives from other local phone brands, right? Well, curiously enough, we’ve learned of a number of phones that Cherry Mobile plans to release into the local market pretty soon. The one that catches my attention the most is the Cherry Mobile Burst. Check out the leaked photo below courtesy of Edriangelo Doctolero Paule, a member of a Flare user group that I frequent on Facebook.

Cherry Mobile Burst Leaked Flyer Shot

Edriangelo took this shot from a yet to be released flyer. Here you can see how it compares to the Flare. The Cherry Mobile Burst and Flare both have an SRP of Php3,999 and feature identical specs, such as a 4 inch IPS display, Android 4.0, and 4Gb ROM. However they differ from each other in CPU clock speed. The Flare is clocked at 1.2GHz while the Burst is set to only 1GHz.

In terms of real life usage, the difference should be negligible, but it’s curious that Cherry Mobile would release a phone with similar specs and the same price point. Still, it’s nice that local brand is offering us something new to choose from, especially with the Flare often in short supply. No idea when the Cherry Mobile Burst will be released though. We’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks Edriangelo!

Cherry Mobile Burst Specs as We Know Them

  • 4 inch capacitive IPS display
  • 1GHz dual core Snapdragon CPU
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4Gb ROM, expandable up to 32Gb via MicroSD
  • 5mp primary camera with flash, front-facing camera
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • GPS
  • 3G data





75 responses to “Cherry Mobile Burst: Move Over Flare”

  1. ampf Avatar

    ips daw, da faq

  2. Jeric Genove Avatar

    ayost din to, sana mediatek para yan nlng bilhin ko mas mura haha

  3. watda? Avatar

    if the battery life of cm burst is larger than the cm flare then the cm burst is the complete cm flare. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      yep, haha. although i doubt the battery would be that much better.

  4. dave Avatar

    Available na ba to sa CM Store?

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      hindi pa po eh. galing yung pic from a leaked flyer na hindi pa nadistribute sa public.

  5. ronald Avatar

    Great Scoop. Kudos!

  6. sliptonix Avatar

    parang MyPhone A848i ang design.. yun sana bibilhin ko, pero wait nalang ako nito.. mukang ayos naman.

  7. bj chups Avatar
    bj chups

    1500mah battery, same oem sa lava xolo a500

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      Confirmed ba with 3G ang A500? Sa specs sheets kasi na nakita ko, wala eh. Not sure. Only saw 2 spec sheets.

  8. Delubyo Avatar

    Sana hindi ito 2 point touch para talagang mas ok sya kesa sa flare.

  9. dranreb Avatar

    anung qualcomm processor to?

  10. dranreb Avatar

    1 Ghz nga hindi nman nakalagay ung model

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      hindi pa po released in the market eh, kaya wala pa info…

  11. dranreb Avatar


  12. shintaro Avatar

    me burst na sa sm manila…3 point lang 1500mAh battery

  13. Imbajabs Avatar

    meron na rin dito sa SM fairview. (Cherry Mobile Burst)
    ang pagkakaiba lang ata nila bukod sa processor eh ung bluetooth. mas mataas lang ung Burst.

    I still chose Flare tho, mas mabilis e.

  14. MrEdwinM Avatar

    Ano ang much better, CM Burst or CM CRUIZE?

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      performance, burst po kasi dual core while cruize is single core. kung camera and screen size, Cruize po ang lamang. 5 inch screen ang sa cruize vs 4 inch sa burst.

  15. MrEdwinM Avatar

    Ano much better? CM BURST or CM CRUIZE?

  16. sdfsdf Avatar

    mas matagal battery neto. naka 17 hrs ako moderate usage with games games pa

  17. Jeremiah Avatar

    So whats better? Flare or burst? I found the flare to be buggy even with the system update… And the burst to be faster and brighter despite the lower clocked processor… So which one is better? Im confused… Huhu

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      sorry, i haven’t had any hands on time with the burst. try to check some forums if they find it to be bug-free. clock speed isn’t everything anyway, so if the burst gets good feedback, i’d go for it.

      1. Jeremiah Avatar

        thanks after a couple of day’s use with the both phones, i found that the burst to be more comfortable to use and ergonomically comfortable in the hands while texting, phone response is better and call quality is also better, ive had less mistakes with texts as the keyboard is more accurate when i type and the screen to be brighter… however the antutu score is lower with an average of 6100 to 6200 while the flare is reaches to about 6700-6800… this probably explains the lags, but i guess the burst speed and accuracy comes from probably the bugs being chunked out by cherry mobile…or maybe the software now utilizes the processor more efficiently than the flare… what do u think?

        1. JM Balicano Avatar

          The Flare’s firmware doesn’t seem to have been optimized very well with the hardware, resulting in the bugs. I don’t think CM has a lot to do with the firmware that ends up getting installed on the final release units. If they were, there would have been better consistency between quality of the software of the different Android devices they sell. Anyway, that’s just my guess. In the case of the Burst, I’m guessing that Cherry Mobile just happened to find an ODM that bothered to quality check their firmware. That’s just an assumption though. In any case, I’m glad they’re offering an alternative that has the same specs and pricing but isn’t as buggy as the Flare.

    2. McGavzkie Avatar

      Burst User ako. sana nag flare nlng ako =(. Bugs ng Burst… Random reboot saying “Safe to remove SD Card”, Laaags when playing music humi hinto2. Disappearing sim contacts. mas mganda cam ng flare .led flash ng burst mas maliwanag pa ang kandila.

  18. paulo Avatar

    ask lang may burst ako dito sa cebu and ang comment nila is lag, im not sure coz i havent tried to download any apps pa.( kasi for sale to eh). set aside sa mga IPS concerns and re-rooting na hindi ko maintindihan yung process. daming concerns ng burst.

    Q: regarding sa flare please ko confirm kung ang pag transfer ng pics from the unit papuntang pc thru usb chord ay may problem? parang ayaw nya matransfer. parang ganun. yun lang yung narinig ko. pa confirm lang sa may mga flare…. please

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      Panget ang sinusupply na USB cable ng CM. Use a higher quality USB cable from Samsung or basta high quality. Matagal na yung issue na yan sa USB cable. Ganyan ang naging problema ko sa Flare, Blaze and Titan TV. In response naman sa lagginess daw ng Burst, ewan ko lang. Mas maganda ang naging feedback na nabasa ko from ibang commenters compared sa Flare kahit mas mababa sya ng konti sa benchmarks.

  19. Carlyciouz Avatar

    panget camera ng burst. na try ko mag picture sa room ko ng nakapatay ilaw. pinagsabay ko flare & burst with flash. yung flare maliwanag ang kuha samantalang yung burst halos dark lang makikita. so parang useless din flash ng burst. pero sa liwanag maganda sya. aside from that ok na sya. mas malinaw screen nya and mas madali magtext.

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      maganda nga po talaga low light performance ng camera ng flare. sulit talaga. yun nga lang, wala masyado bugs ang burst. ang galing naman at afford mo makabili ng dalawang smartphones, both dual sim, hehe…

  20. Gladwyn Avatar

    ask ko lang po ung about sa 3.5mm jack para sa headset/earphone nya if wla pong defect? particular kac ako mejo sa pakikinig ng mga mp3 ๐Ÿ™‚

    kasi based sa mga nabasa ko about sa flare ehh.. namimili daw ung flare ng headset/earphone.. at parang ayaw din sa flare ng mga earphone na may mic para pantawag … need ko po ng guidance about this about to buy next week..thanks!

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      Mahina ang audio output ng Flare. Aside from that, mapili nga talaga sya sa headset. Usually, if may built-in mic or volume controls, hindi gagana ng maayos. Check the jack of your headset. If 3 segments, hindi gagana ng maayos. If 2 segments lang, usually gagana ng maayos, pero yun nga, mahina pa din sound output.

      1. Gladwyn Avatar

        What about the audio output ng burst po? okay na po? d gaya ng flare?

        1. JM Balicano Avatar

          Hindi ko pa po nahahawakan ang Burst.. Sorry..

        2. McGavzkie Avatar

          YES! Superb ksa sa Flare.

    2. Christian Kenneth Mipa Avatar

      poor earphones. yung simpleng earphone lang sya na pareho ang tunog sa magkabila. at namimili din siya ng headset .

  21. glen Avatar

    rebranded din yung burst diba @ sa nbasa q n site galing ibang bansa rival cla ng flare o karbonn A9+

    tanung ko lng available ba yung
    cm burst sa sm north annex??

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      nagrelease ng update yung CM North Edsa na may binebenta na silang Burst. Ewan ko lang if may stocks pa. Check mo lang yung FB page nila.

  22. Nubi Avatar


  23. John Avatar

    Masmabilis ang benchmark ng Burst sa Flare kahit masmataas ang cpu speed ng flare. Sa temple run naman ay slight lag pero comparing sa flare it is a bit smoother. Sa Flare masmalakas ang flash kaso mas malabo naman ang camera vs Burst. No bugs ang Burst in my testing. FYI mas smooth ang games sa Burst compara sa Flare and I’m not joking. 2 GB po ang internal memory ng Burst at 342 ang RAM. Mas comfortable mag game din dahil rounded sya like psp. I’m getting better bechmark results with Burst vs Flare. Baka supportive ang stock rom at kernel neto, I’am not sure.

  24. Contessa Milann Avatar
    Contessa Milann

    Namimili po rin ba ito ng headset gaya ng flare?

    1. JM Balicano Avatar

      Hindi ko po alam eh. Hindi ko pa ito na-handle.

    2. Jm Balicano Avatar

      no idea po, hindi pa ako nakahawak nito eh.. sorry ๐Ÿ™

    3. Christian Kenneth Mipa Avatar

      namimili po siya. Compatible siya sa pang nokia na earphones

  25. andy Avatar

    hindi po makatransfer ng files to pc. nag loloko yun bang parang nag sheshake ang mga app. kung minsan ganun din if i am using it while charging.

    1. McGavzkie Avatar

      Oo while Charging nagloloko pre. Yes ! pareho tau prob. regarding file transfer gnto gawin mo 1. Go to System Settings 2. Developer Options. 3. Enable USB Debugging Mode (Before connecting ur phone to ur pc). Then 4. Use as USB Storage.

  26. Contessa Milann Avatar
    Contessa Milann

    Does the burst lag more than the flare? or are they just the same in performance one way or another, it is really true that the burst is faster in browsing than the flare? so which one is better? id like to know your insight about this thank you

    1. Jm Balicano Avatar

      I can’t confirm anything personally since I haven’t had any hands on time with the Burst, but I’ve gotten feedback that the Burst isn’t as buggy as the Flare. The only downside with the Burst is that the camera isn’t as good as the one on the Flare, so if you’re not a shutterbug, I’d go for the burst.

      1. Contessa Milann Avatar
        Contessa Milann

        oh i see! thanks!

  27. Rhay Avatar

    Gud pm. Ask ko lang, now na pareho nang released ang Flare and Burst and i know na nacompare na talaga, which one will you suggest buying?

    1. Rhay Avatar

      Hi JM! Hope you’ll find time to answer my inquiry. Thanks

    2. Jm Balicano Avatar

      Hi, I haven’t had a chance to try the Burst, pero based on feedback from users, hindi sya kasing buggy katulad ng Flare. Kaso panget daw ang camera nya. Unless you’re into taking pictures, I’d go for the Burst.

      1. Niline Zenra Avatar

        super pangit ng cam talaga. para lang 2mp. and basura ang flash. overrated.

        1. Aceplayah Geronimo Avatar

          di ko pa natrytry but agree.. wlang makakapantay sa camera ng mga high priced brands like Sony, samsung, NOkia etc

    3. McGavzkie Avatar

      Flare ka na. I’m a Burst user. although mas mganda ang design ng Burst and Sound Quality ksa sa Flare. ang dami nmang bugs.

  28. the_man Avatar

    3.9k po b tlga price.. parang mahal xa sa actual

    1. Jm Balicano Avatar

      high demand sguro, kaya tinataas ng mga dealers ang price ng stocks nila.

  29. Niline Zenra Avatar

    i bought CM burst last week. i was so excited to use it because i read some good reviews. days later, anyare??? not enough internal memory daw. i only DL skype and considering 1.48gb pa raw yung free sa internal memory. another thing is the camera quality, parang hindi sya 5mp. mas maganda pang ang 2mp ng nokia. about the flash, sana wala na lang kasi walang kwenta.

    1. Aceplayah Geronimo Avatar

      nadale mo, sa camera sguro magkakatalo hahaha.. kung want mo nice cam sa 5MP may mga Xperia na mura lang mga 8k:)

    2. McGavzkie Avatar

      Hahahaha korek!…ung sakin nag rarandom reboot an sabi after the reboot “Safe to remove SD Card” daw. Nag lalag pag nag pplay ng Music.

  30. Aashpi Region Xii Avatar

    I have one and I love it. No not perfect, but functions as an android as it should..Its fast enough for me. Camera is not good.. the flash doesnt seem to work. It doesnt have a memory card either. But for its price… its a steal..

  31. edzel Avatar

    i have been reading different articles about flare and burst and bloggers say that burst is actually the remedy to the defects of what flare has. the latter received complains from the buyers because they have experienced same issues (sensors, design and etc.) , so the company decided to release a phone that has the same price so people wouldn’t see the implications and wont jeopardize the flare basically. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hannah Sachiko Avatar

    Pano po magdelete ng contacts?

    1. Jm Balicano Avatar

      Hi Hannah,

      Try nyo po pumasok sa Contacts na app. Press the Menu button para lumabas ang options. Dapat may Delete Contacts na option jan. Sa Contacts app po ah, hindi po yung Dialer app. May contact list din po sa Dialer app usually, pero hindi po pwede magdelete galing dun.

  33. phil Avatar

    ang sikreto sa burst, i-root, tapos disabled lahat ng mga apps. na walang kwenta.. astig na.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Michael Andrew Gonzales Avatar

    mga sir at maam..may ishe share lang ako dun sa nabasa kong review about flare.hindi ko lang po alam kung totoo..ang flare daw ay 2 point touch kaya pagdating sa texting mabagal daw ang response pag nag type ka daw for example ng “music” in a normal speed manner eh ang mata-type lang daw eh “mic” totoo po ba yung mga sir mam na may flare?tnx ng madami=)

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      Yes po, totoo. Lalo na kung portrait orientation kayo kung magtype. Not necessarily normal speed. Yung mga mejo mabilis mag type na nagkakasabay minsan ang keypress.

  35. gie Avatar

    can we use skype in cherry mobile burst?

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      Yes you can. Just download it for free from the official Google Play store

  36. renei eunice Avatar
    renei eunice

    hi jb, I just wanna ask about sa audio ng cherry burst kc ung call nya sa akin ok nmn mlakas , sa mismong kausap ko ung feedback nya…. hnd ok ung dumadating na sound sa knya super hina…

    what should I do?

    Pls rply…

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      Look for the microphone pinhole and position your mouth so that you’re talking more directly into it. If mahina pa din ang naririnig ng kausap mo, it might be a good idea to have a technician look at it.

    2. McGavzkie Avatar

      Audio Quality ng Burst is Super OK. Ksa sa Flare.

  37. Aceraf Seventythree Avatar
    Aceraf Seventythree

    I own a burst 2.0 ok naman sya.. kaso nga lang hirap ako maghanap ng options para sa delete contacts.. anyone can help me?

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      hi try nyo po hanapin yung People app. kung sa dialer ka kasi titingin ng contacts, wala atang delete option dun, pero yung People app, which is like yung phone book nya, meron delete option dapat yun

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