Carmudi App Review: For the Serious Online Car Buyer

Carmudi App Review

Looking for your next perfect ride? Try the Carmudi app. Launched by the world’s fastest growing online car classified, Carmudi aims to improve the online  car buying experience of car enthusiasts in the Philippines. Their app allows users to search and browse over a hundreds and thousands of used and new vehicles on the go. Aided by an intuitive user interface, users should find it very easy to shop for their next dream car.


The app’s main functionality is with its ability to filter searches. You don’t even need to type in a word to start your query. Just narrow down your query according to your preferred criteria, from any make and model to the year and price.


Aside from detailed information on the vehicle itself, the app displays the dealer’s name, address and contact information so you can reach out to the dealer for any questions you might have.


Another handy feature of Carmudi app is that it allows you to save your searches. No need to do enter your search parameters again in case there’s a certain vehicle you’re eying that you want to keep for reference.


Note that this app caters to car buyers, but motorcycles, utility trucks and other vehicles as well. This should appeal to business owners who want to save precious time when looking for company vehicles such as delivery trucks and motorcycles for their messengers.

Comparing Carmudi to other local classified ads like OLX and AyosDito, Carmudi definitely comes on top when it comes to vehicle searches. Its comprehensive listings encompasses all brands, with each car being tied up to a trusted car dealer making the transaction feel safe and secure.

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