To say that Cherry Mobile has a varied selection is an understatement. They’re like the Samsung of local brands, having an offering for just about every budget or category when it comes to Android phones and tablets. Fresh after revealing the Cherry Mobile Life, the local phone brand has just teased another couple of tablets, this time under the Cherry Mobile Superion Series.

Details are scarce right now. In fact, the only thing we know right now is that it will be at least two tablets. However, we can at least surmise that since these tablets will be from the Cherry Mobile Superion Series, they should at least come with phone capabilities and access to mobile data via SIM support.

My guess is that there will be a 7 and 8 inch model, although it’s also possible that we’ll be seeing one low end and one higher end. Either one would make sense, but my main hope is that either one comes with something better than a WVGA screen. There’s already the Superion TV 2 and Superion Plus Duo, which both have WVGA screens. We don’t need another one. Would you still get a 7 inch WVGA tablet if the price were just right? Let me know in the comments.

Update: The Cherry Mobile Superion Discover and Superion Voyager have been officially revealed!

Source: Cherry Mobile Facebook Page

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    Awhile ago I was just pining for the Bolt 2.0…now CM brings 2 Superions. Will it be IPS, that we don’t know right now. However here’s what I know – I won’t be getting one if it ain’t.

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