ARM has recently announced a couple of new Mali GPUs aimed at mobile devices. The Mali T760 will have up to 16 cores and is designed to bring massive improvements to video editing and gesture recognition capabilities in addition to the boost in gaming that you would typically expect. On the other hand, the Mali T720 will scale up to 8 cores and is 150% more power efficient compared to the T400 that powered flagship devices like the Galaxy Note of two years ago.

Mali T760 and T720
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The Mali T760 will be aimed at high end devices, most likely those that cost Php20k or more in the local market. The T720 on the other hand will target midrange devices and is said to be optimized for Android, whatever the heck that means. With battery life becoming an increasing concern among smartphone and tablet owners, it’s nice to see ARM working to make their GPUs even more power efficient while delivering better performance over their predecessors.

Via: PhoneArena

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    14″ -16″ gaming tablets can’t be far behind….

    16 cores, 32 gb ram, uhd resolution ips display with ogs and 6000 mah battery, ganun na siguro mga specs ng mga phones in 2 years

      haha.. one can dream..

    ‘Coz 8 cores isn’t enough. Katakot-takot na ang advancement ng technology ngaun.

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