Despite the advancements in technology that has become accessible to us Pinoys over the years, we’re still way behind some of our Southeast Asian neighbors. Just how behind are we? Well, a couple of South Korean telcos will soon be making 300Mbps LTE-A download speeds available to their customers in the later half of this year. Just how fast is that? That would allow you to download an 800MB video in just 22 seconds!

How did they make this possible? The two telcos, SK Telecom and LG U Plus, both make use of a technology called carrier aggregation, which combines multiple bands of spectrum to make faster rates possible. Both South Korean telcos use 3-band carrier aggregation to make rates that are 4x faster than regular 75Mbps LTE.

Let that sink in for a minute. Here we are in the Philippines with LTE not exactly being mainstream enough for it to be accessible to the masses and already there’s something that’s 4x times faster. Of course, 300Mbps is just the theoretical speed. It’s more likely that an 800MB video would take about 30-40 seconds to download, right? Lol.

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    still, that speed is really awesome! haha!
    here’s hoping to have lesser ping when I’m playing online games using LTE connection. :))

      Are you a Globe subscriber? Looks like they’ll be capping data to a max of just 1GB per day starting Jan 23 -_-

        well that sucks because the SUPERSURF50 is also capped on 800MB. There’s no way we can download large files using Globe hehehe

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