LG Super Ultra HD TVs Launched in the Philippines!

LG Super UHD TV_3

While I run a tech blog, the majority of what I cover are smartphones, so it was a treat to get invited to my first “TV event”. And when it comes to TVs, few make them any better than LG. I got the chance to see their newly launched LG Super Ultra HD TVs in person, and while it’s one thing to talk about ultra-sharp displays that can fit in the palm of your hand, ultra-sharp displays that can take up an entire wall is another.

The Ultra Slim LG UF950T Super UHD TV

LG Super UHD TV_2

The LG UF950T Super UHD TV was the immediate attention-grabber, sporting an all new ColorPrime display by Nano Spectrum that boasts a more accurate and vivid color expression and wider color range. And not only does it have the best image quality in the series, but it also comes equipped with Harman Kardon-developed Premium Sound, bringing room-filling audio that lets you skip on a speaker setup. It’s also one of the slimmest TVs you can get, measuring just 8.3mm at its thinnest.

The Elegantly Curved LG UG8700 Super UHD TV

LG Super UHD TV_1

Of course, if you’re looking for a premium 4K TV that’s as eye-grabbing on its own, the LG UG8700 Super UHD TV might be more to your liking, sporting an elegantly curved IPS panel. The UG8700 Super UHD TV also features downward-firing speakers that allow premium sound to be cast toward the viewers.

My Impressions of the LG Super Ultra UHD TV Series for 2015


Witnessing 4K resolution on a 65 inch surface is an experience in itself. Prior to attending this launch, I thought I would be quite content with some of the cheaper 40 inch Full HD TVs that have been coming out for less than Php20k. Then I see a K-Pop video in gorgeous 3840 x 2160 resolution and it’s hard to see myself settling for anything less.

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